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    Just don't mix milk based products with hard alcohol. That's my only rule.

    OMG have you ever had a colorado bulldog or a white russian????? DELISH!!!! lol
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    Oh my goodness gracious. This is not what I thought it would be about at all. Diabetics are instructed to get at least two and preferably three food groups in at every meal. Each food type is absorbed at a different rate so the combination gives the diabetic a nice steady supply of glucose (which it is all turned in to eventually). People without diabetes control this reaction with naturally occurring insulin.

    The other type of food combining I recall is combining various types of vegetable proteins (amino acids) to make a more "complete" protein in a meal. But I've read recently this careful combining is bunkum. Our bodies are pretty good at taking whatever we shake at them.

    What many people don't know is that a Non-Diabetic person has nearly an equal insulin response to protein as they do to carbohydrates. IMO it is important for diabetic people to consume a combination of foods together is because of that "normal" insulin response. Along with the slowing of the overall digestion.

    I do not think that there is any great health benefit to careful food combining. I have tried it and what I realized is that I feel better when eating as simply as possible. No magic, no more energy, no more fat loss or gain. I do not dwell on food combining in the least, but I can tell if the combination I just ate isn't that great.
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    Honestly, the first thing I thought on reading that list was that it indicated food-related disordered thinking, i.e. the thoughts of one who might have struggled with - or be struggling with - an eating disorder.
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    Ive had success with the following:
    1) Banana and yogurt
    2) Blue berries and walknuts
    3) Chicken and Avocado.

    I found the food above compliments each other so that the body absorbs it better. This in turn makes that you feel full and satisfied longer.

    Effectively I eat less over the course of a day and hence maintaining my weight.

    I don't profess to know a lot about it its just how I am experiencing it.

    Believe it or not but red wine and Almonds combine well as does Strawberries with dark chocolate as a rare treat....

    I've lost 33kg and have managed to maintain it for my 5th year!
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    Mix. Everything.
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    I eat what I want in any combination I want.
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    Sometimes all these rules of eating can just make a person paralyzed :D
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    Sometimes all these rules of eating can just make a person paralyzed :D

    I think that is the reason it works, it it works.


    Everything we eat turn into *kitten* anyway.