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    Just another shout out to those who came back to offer ideas.

    I get it, we don't *NEED* to cover up.

    Sometimes you just *WANT* to: When you live with facial scarring, it matters to you. When people treat you nicer with makeup on than they do when you don't have it on, it begins to matter. It's not just scarring but people with skin discolorations or other such issues.

    I look at my race pics, I don't see scars- I see accomplishment.

    Strange thing is, 3 years later most of my scarring is gone and I've even gone to the store (and, gasp, taken pictures) without makeup. So *now* it's easy for me to say "oh, no big deal if I don't wear makeup to this race" but back then WOW, I hated looking so ugly in my pictures (instead of glowing from having just finished a race/marathon/adventure.

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    Cover FX for sure & Urban Decay All Nighter
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    I use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-It foundation (amazing for covering scars/tattoos), and UD All Nighter.

    It's what I use for every stage production/photo shoot I do makeup for.
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    If it helps, I've seen pics of friends after Tough Mudder and the amount of mud they are covered in and that their faces have all over, I don't think the makeup will be a big deal. I've not done the TM, so I don't know when and where you start getting muddy, so you may want to do it at the start (if nothing more for self-confidence and maybe early pics if any are taken). My wife does a lot of makeup stuff and for long enduring wear, I know she uses a good primer and a setting spray after.
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    Makeup forever HD STICK is beyond amazing the more layers u do the more flawless cover u get..
    If u r lookin gor a cheep on try to use a stdio fix concealer and l'oreal infallible foundation its matt and perfect for coverage 1wxn45pt1sf8.jpeg
    Don't forget to spray ur face with urban decay setting spray ^_^swo8kpvxzqf4.jpeg

    Another thing estee lauder double wear foundation is perfect but if u want the same effect with different brand Kat von d is just perfect as Estee luader
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    smiley245 wrote: »
    Just a suggestion, maybe look into Mehron Barrier Spray. If you already have a good foundation, after setting it with powder you spray this on.
    Its used to make make up last and last under hot lights and water shootsetc perhaps it can outlast the tough mudder??

    Might save you having to buy a zillion foundations/products

    I was going to suggest something similar. The one I use is Ben Nye final setting spray, which works great as well. My makeup stays perfectly in place even when I get rained on, so hopefully it would survive mud too! I've heard the Mehron spray is a great product too.
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    Oh, I totally missed the part where this is an old thread and you already did the race. Congrats on your tough mudder!!
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    infamousmk wrote: »
    You will be so muddy that hopefully your scars, etc. won't be all that visible. Makeup is wonderful and I wear it a lot and in some situations where it's probably not the most effective (such as the gym), but when it comes to something hardcore like Tough Mudder, I say fruck anyone that would look at you side-eyed and forget any self consciousness you may be concerned about, because if you're kicking that kind of *kitten*, you are beautiful no matter what.

    What she said!!
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    I am glad you found something that worked! Posting this for all who may venture onto this thread for advice.....

    In all honesty 98% of the OCR community (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, Rugged Maniac, etc) will NOT judge you or make you feel self conscious. I honestly believe if someone made a comment out loud, the nearest real man would beat the crap out of him. The community is so welcoming. I have seen so many people on course with major disabilities (physical and mental), missing limbs, scars, tattoos, etc. Everyone out there is going through hell in one form or another. I guarantee you will be accepted as is.