18 months and going strong w/ pics



  • Terrin41
    Terrin41 Posts: 24 Member
    Very motivating. You look great!
  • GeorgiaM2015
    GeorgiaM2015 Posts: 142 Member
    Absolutely amazing - you're looking great! :smile:
  • PinkyPan1
    PinkyPan1 Posts: 3,018 Member
    You are a force to be reckoned with! Look at you! Standing ovation!
  • Saboteurteehee
    Saboteurteehee Posts: 28 Member
  • lose4good1
    lose4good1 Posts: 222 Member
    I like how your smile continues to get bigger as more weight comes off
  • caseyleann7
    caseyleann7 Posts: 7 Member
    Get it girl!
  • FindingTimeForMe
    FindingTimeForMe Posts: 29 Member
    So great - awesome job!!!
  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    Woohoo! I love the power in that last picture. It makes me want to back away slowly, with hands raised while avoiding eye contact. LOL ;) congratulations! :)
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    Thank you guys!! It made my day seeing this revived!
  • jlmed
    jlmed Posts: 226 Member
    Amazing!!! Congrats!
  • happygalah
    happygalah Posts: 343 Member
    Whoo Hooo!! You look amazing!!! I bet you feel amazing!! I love the photos and how you smile got bigger as you went along!! Love that last pic. You look so strong bad$$$ like Wonder Woman!!!
  • cds_momto3
    cds_momto3 Posts: 316 Member
    Wow, great job! You are totally inspiring me with your transformation!! You look healthy and STRONG.
  • deescrafty
    deescrafty Posts: 174 Member
    You look fabulous and so strong! Thank you for pisting--I am 62 and was just given a gym membership to a women's gym with an arthritis association approved warm pool. II have another 100 LBs to lose and its great to see it can be done at my age. You are an inspiration!
  • gandssmith
    gandssmith Posts: 67 Member
    Love it!!!!! Such an awesome job! You're showing the world that age is just a number and that determination and dedication are what really matters! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see your updates!
  • tkillion810
    tkillion810 Posts: 591 Member
    Amazing!!! You have put in a lot of hard work and it's totally paid off! Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
  • kmg3614
    kmg3614 Posts: 83 Member
    Yeah!!! Congrats! Keep up the amazing work!!
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    bump per request
  • ashleyylo
    ashleyylo Posts: 101 Member
    Wow, what an amazing transformation!
  • Mommato5b1g
    Mommato5b1g Posts: 7 Member
    You look amazing and so strong! Good job!!
  • tbolashana
    tbolashana Posts: 2,707 Member
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