Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Boxing987
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    hey all add me
  • BethMilledge
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    Feel free to add me
  • djglennen
    djglennen Posts: 10 Member
    Hi all fifty year old butcher from Rockhampton Queensland looking for some fitness pal mates to keep me going and on track feel free to add me cheers
  • steph_vt
    steph_vt Posts: 38 Member
    Idd love some friends who like too motivate each other ;)
  • Charlie_B_
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    Feel free to add me if you have an open diary and plan to log most days :) I will be starting today!
  • madxprofessor
    madxprofessor Posts: 81 Member
    Heyy everyone! I have been on here for over a year and lost 50lbs so far! I'm 23yrs old from Florida... I keep an open food diary and anyone is welcome to send me a friend request.
  • AzubuDragon
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    Hi all! :D I'm currently studying nutrition and fitness. I've been applying what I've learned to myself for years. I can't say I'll be able to help or answer all your questions, but I can give you a good idea of how and where you can get started :) and maybe you can even teach me a thing or two. I'm always open to new ideas. Add me if you have any questions or want random motivation <3
  • zachduden
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    Still adding!
  • emergencywipers
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    Would love more friends! More interaction here would help me more accountable with my weight loss :) Have lost 40 lbs but gained a few back... still kept off about 25 but I want to get back down again and even more so! 24 (almost 25) from Michigan
  • GoodlifeJ
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    I always love having new friends on MFP! Feel free to add me so we can encourage eachother! :)
  • almostmrsfox
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    I'm new(ish) (again) and struggling mostly on weekends!! Would love more friends to help keep me accountable!! :smile:
  • CraiggyBear
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    Hey everyone! I'm an active logger, would love some additional friends who like to interact and are active most days. Feel free to add if you fit the above ;)
  • mike_robbins
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    edited January 2016
    New Today..... so please add away!
    Into a Sales in Kent , U.K.
  • ssrmurray1017
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    Always looking for motivation and positive people! Feel free to add me!
  • tcthept1
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    feel free to add here, always looking to support and motivate
  • Frisky221
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    Just starting this journey with about 70 lbs. to lose.....recovering from hip replacement surgery and need people/friends that will motivated me to NOT let that be an excuse to sit and eat!
  • Midwestwineguy
    Midwestwineguy Posts: 7 Member
    My wife and I are getting back into getting healthy. She does Zumba 4-5 days per weeks but we've been eating like crap for far too long. I'll be biking 3-4 days per week on the trainer and we are changing our eating habits to get SERIOUS about getting healthy. Cutting out sweets, ice cream, booze and soda (although we rarely drink soda) should also be a boost. Looking at some supplements for muscle mass as well. Is that something that should be introduced AFTER the weight loss goal has been met or can that be done while on the weight loss plan? Thanks for any insight.
  • fitparisj
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    Feel free to add me!
  • lizlikewoah06
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    barbi_jean wrote: »
    I would love more friends! Add me! B)

    Me too!