Your Non-Negotiable item



  • TrickyDisco
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    Loads of non-negs including coffee, chocolate and red wine. One healthy food I won't eat is garlic, don't mind the taste but don't want garlicky breath for ages later and brushing teeth/chewing parsley afterwards doesn't help me. Spring onions ditto. Love red onions, but not raw.
  • Raynne413
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    My peanut butter will have to be buried with me. :)
  • stealthq
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    I won't give up a late night snack. Usually sweet, but not always. I'm not sure I could give it up and actually get decent sleep for the first week or so, it's become such a habit.

    There are plenty of 'healthy' foods I won't eat. Eel stands out as a big 'yuck' (yes, I did taste it). I won't eat cooked fish, either, unless it's a pretty mild flaky white fish. Raw, it's a different story.
  • rainbow198
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    Pizza! When I was losing weight I tried making substitutions, but it wasn't the same as the pizza from my favorite place. :(

    Later on I learned from here that I could eat what I want, just watch the calories. Then I went back to eating my favorite pizza. YAY! :)

    Still lost weight having pizza every Friday night and have kept it off. :)
  • juggernaut1974
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    I don't have any non-negotiable items...because I don't have any negotiable items (except kale and pickles...)
  • Colorscheme
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    I have to have full fat dairy. Low fat cheese makes me sad.
  • Dreysander
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    Peanut butter. I must have my peanut butter.
  • JenniferIsLosingIt
    JenniferIsLosingIt Posts: 595 Member
    Coffee with half n half, chocolate. I will walk extra miles all day long to be sure an have my coffee!
  • Dreysander
    Dreysander Posts: 294 Member
    Also chocolate. I am a chocolate snob.
  • fat2fitaddict
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    black coffee! only 5 cals per cup according to MFP but still, straight black coffee STRONG. Gotta have it!
  • mpat81
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    Cheese! I HAVE to have some. I would have a hard time giving up chocolate or pork too.

  • Aoife_Eile
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    For the safety of my colleagues I can't go without tea with milk (low fat though) and sugar.

    One with brekkie, 11am, lunch and mid afternoon. I'm gradually working down on my sugar though and am now making more of an effort to have plenty of water (or a different tea - green usually) in between.
  • busyPK
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    I could and will not give up sweets (love them!) Followed closely by pizza and coffee with 1-2T creamer.

    Healthy foods I won't eat...raw sliced tomatoes are all that comes to mind.
  • fat2fitaddict
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    busyPK wrote: »
    I could and will not give up sweets (love them!) Followed closely by pizza and coffee with 1-2T creamer.

    Healthy foods I won't eat...raw sliced tomatoes are all that comes to mind.
    I LOVE raw tomatoes! I can eat them by the pound..
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    Oh, I will never eat fake sweeteners. The only fake sweetener I have is in my protein shake, and I've managed to find one that isn't completely disgusting. But in my coffee/tea? Never, ever. I would rather have nothing than put that cr*p in there.
  • fat2fitshley
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    I will never give up pizza, cheese, cheesecake or red meats (burgers and steak yummm)

    I don't like avocado.. everyone says to try it on different things, but the look alone grosses me out not to mention the texture. Yuck.
  • gothchiq
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    I will not give up coffee or meat. not for any reason.
  • ninerbuff
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    Everything I like is non negotiable.

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  • DivineLotus
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    smbainter wrote: »
    Lots; coffee with my creamer. Cheese. Sour cream, people,use Greek yogurt in place of it? I still don't understand that. It's not that high in calories as it is, measured properly.

    My wife loves sour cream, she has switched to greek yogurt (fage), imo tastes just like sour cream and is much much healthier. I'm not just going by calories on that either, the protein content is much higher.

    That's a better reason than the calorie reason. I still love my sour cream. All the defense of using it is funny, though. It's one of my non-negotiables