What are your fav brands for cold weather walks/running?



  • Kimegatron
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    if it drops below 30 degrees my butt is staying inside.

    just sayin.... LOLL ;)

    actually last winter i think my cut off was 25.

    cold is all in your perception and what youre used to.

    Yeah, my cut off is the same, but only if the wind is NO more than 3 miles an hour. Cold wind kicks your butt when it's more than that. I haven't walked in almost a month because it's either way too cold, windy, or raining. Plus, I only go with my dog, so I gotta think about her ears(chronic infections :( ) and her paws.
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    I bought a pair of Marc New York fleece lined leggings from Costco and they are perfect for cool nights in AZ. They were only $16.99 shipped. I usually wear those with a 3/4 zipped top with thumbholes. Old navy has some great tops for a reasonable price. My favorite clothes are from Lucy... But they are pricey. I just picked up some sale items that had an additional 40% off.

    The key is layer and remember once you are moving you will get warmer, so don't overdress.
  • Kimegatron
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    OP, if I did honestly feel like braving the temps lower than 25 with a higher wind, I would probably just wear my fleece lined leggings under my exercise pants and do a thermal hoodie under my winter jacket. I don't wear hats or anything over my ears so couldn't help you there. Usually I will end up building a sweat so I don't like being too layered
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    I run in the winter, lowest I've ever run in was -20* F but that was the windchill and it was sunny!

    I agree it's all about layers. I like to wear my fleece lined under armour tights, wicking tshirt, fleece lined or thick long sleeve wicking shirt, cheap gloves and a cheap handband. I'm good in that down to about 10* F. If it gets colder I'll probably add on a windprood jacket and swap out the headband for a hat. Colder than that and I'll layer on a pair of windproof pants.

    My favorite running brands are Under Armour, Nike and C9 at Target.
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    Wool. Ibex. Woolly Clothing Co. Icebreaker. SmartWool. Take yer pick. Shirts, skirts, leggings, long johns, socks, gloves, hats, jackets, etceteras.

    Montbell for synthetic insulation.

    Schoeller dryskin/extreme or climawool pants/shells.

    I don't use down in the PacNW except in the summer because of the wet.
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    glassyo wrote: »
    Ok fine. My cut off is like 45 degrees. :p

    This is what I do for now. I wear a long sleeve thermal shirt under a hanes sweatshirt under a hoodie and thermal pants under sweatpants. I also have a pair of gloves (cheapo from Target) so my fingers don't freeze.

    I just bought a puffer jacket from Walmart but haven't worn it outside yet. I tried it on inside and it seemed cozy but I don't want to take the tags off unless I plan on keeping it because I bought it specifically for outside.

    My big thing is the wind and the rain. Mostly the wind. Or if it's raining hard. I've basically become a wimp. :)

    thats why i joined a gym. it eliminated weather related excuses LOLOLOL

    ironically as much as i hate cold, its only in the winter when i go for jogs. im not going out in the heat LOLOLOL

    I only run at the end of spring, summer nights, and beginning of fall. Otherwise....i went out and bought an elliptical just so i didn't have to ever set foot outside in winter except to go to work or college. Or if the kids want to go outside, but they're tweens/teens and all they ever want to do is play video games. Ha
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    Michigan runner here. I've had my Under Armour fleece-lined leggings and zip-up for two winters now and they've held up pretty well. Warm but breathable and stretchy. Disclaimer: I'm too much of a wimp to run below 32 degrees/ 5+ mph wind, so they probably won't hold up as well then.
  • Aetheldreda
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    I don't run, but I walk and hike in all weathers including the snow (when we get any) and do a lot in the mountains here in the UK.
    Depending on the conditions I am happy to go out and have fun adventures down to about -20c
    I layer my clothing all year around. Merino is my fav base layer fabric and I have a few prized garments by Chocolate Fish and Icebreaker.
    For the rest of my synthetic clothing my top 4 are
  • walkdmc
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    UA cold gear tights and if it's below 30F, windbreaker running pants (Road Runner brand) over them. Lululemon Run and Done head/ear band with light hat on top. Whatever running gloves Costco (HEAD) or TJ Maxx has.

  • jrline
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    Brands don't matter just layer up and make sure it wicks away the sweat
  • beemerphile1
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    Well, since this forum is owned by Under Armour, I say Under Armour is the best brand.

    Admin, please make sure you spell my name right on my commission check this time!
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    Invest in a good cold weather base layer. Underarmour or Nike are my go to.

  • Asher_Ethan
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    I always love under armour when I'm out snowboarding. I have yet to find a discount brand that works as well.
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    Thank you everyone. I appreciate all the comments. After looking into Under Armour they look awesome! So added them to my list. Going to check out Nike base layers as well...
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    What kind of socks do you wear? Not necessarily for cold weather but I've worn most of mine out and i think I need a bit of a thicker sock because my shoes are a touch too big and half a size smaller is too small. And doubling up socks makes the shoes too small again.
  • youngmomtaz
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    StabilICERS, icebreaker, smarwool, MEC brand items.
  • Psychgrrl
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    Favorite sock? Champion line at Target. They have running socks with extra squishies in the toes and heels with compression in the arch. Best. Socks. Ever.
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    I bought UA Cold Gear years ago and it still fits. But I still layer on top of it with at good wind breaker suit.

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    Psychgrrl wrote: »
    Favorite sock? Champion line at Target. They have running socks with extra squishies in the toes and heels with compression in the arch. Best. Socks. Ever.

    I *live* at Target. No, seriously, depending on the weather I'll walk up and down the aisles during my lunch.

    I actually bought some champion socks from there but they're really thin. The Advanced Duo Dry Training Max. Are those the ones you're talking about?
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    ach_75 wrote: »
    Merino is my fav base layer fabric and I have a few prized garments by Chocolate Fish....

    I've got a shirt from them I'm looking forward to fitting into by this time next year.

    Alas, Chocolate Fish is gone. :( Long live Chocolate Fish.