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    Back in college, I was still drinking cream and sugar in my coffee. One of my finals, I had to pull an all-nighter for. Problem is, I was out of cream and sugar. What to do?!?!?!?!?

    I forced down an entire pot (yeah, I know, not healthy, but whatever... this was YEARS ago and the only time I ever did it) of black coffee over the course of that night. I think I ate like 8 doughnuts or something from Krispy Kreme too.

    Needless to say, I crashed after my final for the rest of the day.

    But, after downing 12 cups of black, plain coffee, I found that I had actually acquired a taste for it, and prefer it over cream and sugar to this very day. Sure, I get the occasional mocha or whatever, but my daily go-to is plain ol' black coffee now.

    So, my official recommendation is to go make an entire pot of black coffee immediately, and force it down! *kidding!*
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    I don't use very much (even before I tracked my intake). Usually I just use a splash of 2%, or a measured serving of flavored creamer. Only accounts for 25-75 calories a day, depending on how much I use. So, I don't see it as a particular area of my intake needing adjustment. Just measure (or weigh, if it's powder) what you use.
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    I have lost 70 pounds and not logged my creamer but I am close to the goal and things are slowing down and I realize how many calories I am really putting in my coffee and just wondering if that is helping the slow down. Who knows. But I won't give up my coffee :) with cream :)
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    I usually use half and half or light cream and splenda in my coffee. I won't give it up! It has not hindered my weight loss whatsoever, and I enjoy it. So I see no reason to stop! :)
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    I add a quarter cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a tablespoon of hazelnut creamer. 47 calories per.
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    What's butter coffee? Sounds interesting. :o
    I use about 2~5 tablespoons of coffeemate in my coffee, but when I don't have any I use 1/3 cup of lactaid milk. The lactaid milk(1/3 cup) is about 43 calories.
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    Log it, it's worth it. Other sacrifices can be made. But I need my 3 tablespoons of coffeemate per 16 oz of coffee. I can set a clock to it.
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    When I started logging everything I almost fell outta my chair when I saw how many calories/fat/carbs were in it. My fav. coffee is a large iced mocha with cream and 3 splenda from dunkin donuts. So I switched to a large iced coffee with cream and 5 splenda... still too much. Now I'm happy with milk and splenda but it was a process. Not to mention the fact that I drink about 3 a day, so at 50 calories a pop I'm drinking an extra 150 calories I could put somewhere else, but my coffee is too important to me.

    When I make a cup from my keurig, I use non-dairy powdered creamer and splenda. I haven't found a flavored one I like yet.

    This is what I do, I hope it helps.
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    3 oz cashew milk, drop of vanilla extract, .5oz creamer of choice (for a little extra fat and a tiny drop of sweet) to 12 oz coffee.

    If I'm wanting more protein or just wanting cow milk for whatever reason I'll sub cashew milk for 2 oz of either full or 2% milk (both are WAY creamier than cashew milk so less is needed).

    Less than 100 cal cup o' joe, still nice and light and slightly sweet, but the full flavor of the coffee comes through.

    Butter is actually pretty good in coffee - I have done it far before the current fad *puts on hipster hat* when I've had no other milk products to put in it. It doesn't need all the hullabaloo with the blender and whatnot. Just don't use salted butter. Butter is just the next step beyond cream, so why wouldn't it taste good? Enough to really taste it is quite a lot more calories than most creamers though!
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    adreal wrote: »
    Well here goes the age old question...I love my coffee and have just weaned myself to only using creamer. I was drinking it very light with lots of sugar. Now I am just very light. But I realize there is a lot of wasted calories there that I don't log. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives? I am not sure I want to try the butter coffee. It sounds like a lot of work :)
    Thanks Y'all

    Why do you need an alternative? Why don't you just log the creamer?

    I use coffee mate liquid creamer, I love the Italian Sweet Cream and the Coconut/Caramel ones. I just log it and make sure to count it in my day.
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    That is for Friday's and cold run mornings
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    I'm a total whole milk & raw sugar in my coffee kind of girl, (And I do log it!) but with my doctor on about cholesterol, I've started using International Delight creamer, Sweet Cream flavor instead during the weak and saving my milk & sugar for weekends only. I tried almond milk, but it was just too chalky-textured for me.
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    I used store brand creamer and use less than I used to and only one splenda instead of2,I was going to stop drinking coffee because I don't like it without cream,but I compromised with myself and I only have2 cups instead of about5-6 cups a day.
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    I just use milk. Creamers aren't really popular in the UK.
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    Definitely log it! Measure it out to see what you are actually putting in there. You'll either decide it's worth it, or you'll die of sticker shock (figuratively, of course).
    If you decide that you don't have the room for the extra calories:my advice would be to try switching to whole milk. Use the same amount as you would cream. Still too much? Step it down a little bit at a time.
    Also: is your creamer sweetened? If so, know that 1tsp of sugar (measuring spoon, not "hey it fits on the spoon so it's a tsp") is 15 or so calories.

    I'm one of those nerdy coffee elitists who went out and bought herself a nespresso machine. I use 4 oz steamed whole milk with 1 tsp of raw sugar in my double for a whopping 87 calories. I have a hard time hitting my protein goal, so the few grams from the milk are well worth it to me.

    In the end it's all about what works for you, but knowledge is power. Once you know what you're putting in that coffee you'll be able to make a more informed decision.
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    I use 2 tsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of half and half. It is 70 calories per cup. I limit myself to 2 cups a day (but that is because too much caffeine gives me reflux.) I would rather not drink coffee than drink it without sugar and cream.