Couch to 5k : how to log exercise?

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I've started using the Couch to 5k app, which starts with alternating periods of walking and jogging until after 9 weeks you get to a sustained running of - you guessed it - a 5k.
If you have done this before or are doing it now or any other program of walking and running, how do you log the exercise in MFP? I don't have a Fitbit or other device.


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    At least one of the C25K apps (rundouble) clocks the calories too. Or use MapMyRun alongside what you have now.
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    Distance divided by time and find the calorie burn for that pace.
    If you averaged 15 minutes a mile (4 mph), log it as a walk at that pace.
    12 minutes a mile (5 mph)? It's a run at that pace.
    They are averages and estimates. Plug in the best numbers you have.
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    Do you do it on a treadmill? I just use my calories from that although I know it's not always the most accurate. If I do it outside, I track my time and distance to figure out my mph rate and put that into my fitness pal. So yesterday I did 4 mph for 30 mins even though I technically didn't do 4 mph the whole time.

    Maybe not the most accurate way to do it though so maybe others have a better way.
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    Thank you all!
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    on the mfp app there is a bit where you can look for apps which work with mfp, including two c25k programmes and yes they are free, one is blue and ones is orange
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    Either pondee629's or samchez0's method are fine.

    Or you could just not worry about it unless you feel extra peckish and aren't okay eating within your set calorie goal.

    I have a Vivofit connected that does a little bit of an adjustment (which I mostly ignore), but it is only tracking steps, not walking vs. running, and no idea if it is accurate for things like the elliptical or rowing machine. It may also track steps for random movement that isnt' really a step at all.
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    C25K connects to the MFP app. Make sure the two apps are connected, then after your workout on C25K, when it asks you if you want to share, you can click on the MFP icon at the top of the screen and it will sync your workout to MFP.
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    which c25k connects with mfp? i have an android
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    lisa9805 wrote: »
    which c25k connects with mfp? i have an android

    These apps work with MFP:

    C25K by Zen Labs
    RunDouble C25K

    I used the Zen Labs app, and it's a great program.