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    I have just completed 20 days binge free. I am avoiding process food and workout. I know that when I open chips I will eat the whole bag so I have made my mind up that is not an option. It is super hard at first but after a few days you feel so much better you don't want to ruin it by eating like crap. I eat 1500-1700 cals not starving at all and lost weight three weeks in a row and I have a sedentary job. You don't have to only eat 1200 you can have more if it healthy and nutritious. I still have my fav snack at night Air Popped popcorn (a big bowl and I mean big) with becel light margine and coconut sugar and a dash of salt. So I know I get to enjoy things like that and peanut butter love that. I also found that for me its a bored on the couch thing. I would do great all week then the weekend would come and I was bored stuffing my face so all that hard work was thrown out the window. Now I have been trying to stay busy. I use to workout then watch tv and do a few things. Now I watch a show if I feel the need to eat and am not actually hungry I get up and do something, or drink water. Also I try to eat the same way and times I would during the week. Not sure if this will help you but I feel your struggle. I have been on this journey for 9 years went from 186 to 152 ish I lingered at 170 and 160 for a bit. Hang in there
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    A lot of my sabotage came from mindless and careless eating. I gave myself a 20g of protein rule: anytime I eat something, I have to first include 20g of protein. It fills you up and sometimes it helps. :) Good luck!
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    vivmom2014 wrote: »
    You can still eat your favorite foods - but it is imperative to watch your portions. Use a food scale.

    If you want to gorge on cookies, you're going to have to weigh and record all of them. And see the number of calories consumed. The truth will set you free, but you've got to face it first.

    And if cookies are too tempting for you right now, keep them out of the house until you can master more control around them. Beware harsh restrictions, however. You've got to find a sensible way of eating that's going to carry you through the long haul.

    I agree with checking to make sure your calorie goal isn't too aggressive.


    We pretty much all want MORE. So you have to remind yourself you can have more tomorrow.

    I had the same problem during the 3 years it took to lose 85 pounds. Back then I stepped on the scale every morning and recorded it in a notebook. Every time I binged on sweets, it knocked me back about 2-3 weeks of progress. Once I got tired of that and wanted to see progress, it did not stop me from wanting the comfort of food - but I no longer wanted to be slave to the consequences of it.

    You have to decide.

    You have to face the food values, like vivmom2014 said

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    In my opinion you should simplify your diet. Change your goal to lose .5 or 1 pounds a week, and plan your treats in the day before and pre-log it. Then build the rest of your day around that. This takes the negative emotions away and you will slowly decide to maybe have less of a treat or eat better during the day....or to exercise to get that treat. I will do this wine typically. The key is eating less calories than you burn so don't get caught up in the "right" foods and just start limiting your calories.
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    Boredom? I do the same when I'm sitting around. Get active. Hard to binge while jogging, cleaning, etc.

    Don't do anything dramatic, but implement small changes. Snack on carrots & hummus or other low cal high filling foods. Drink a glass of water ~30 mins prior to meals. Set up your logging diary in a manner that suits your lifestyle. Keep a log of when you feel hungry and investigate whether this is actual hunger or boredom.

    Awareness is key and the heart and soul of all this logging.

    Break a leg!
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    sazzle1983 wrote: »
    Yeah I'm finding I struggle on 1200 x

    I wouldn't be fit for civilized company on 1200.
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    Sometimes keeping a journal helps. When you start to feel like you want to binge, write down what you are feeling, what you are doing etc. It can really help you identify your triggers. Try to find activities that hold your interest. I like to read, go for a walk, color, watch a movie. You are the only one who can decide to change. Good luck!
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    Forget about the scale for a while. Commit to accurately logging everything you eat. Even the binges. Sometimes I find that logging my foods and putting in a special container for that day helps me stay on track. It sounds like boredom or mindless eating. As others have said, get busier, find a hobby, take your child out for walks, anything to keep you from being bored. Try slicing an apple or cucumber and slowing eating them, making them last much longer than usual. You can do this! Weigh each item you choose to eat and log it. When you go over, don't kick yourself, just STOP EATING. I would set a calorie goal between 1300-1500 a day and see if that helps alleviate the hungries.
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    Yeah I'm a part time SATM as I only work two days and have my 2 year old the rest of the time. I just need to learn discipline. I have got into the mind set of the fact my OH loves me just the way I am, he tells me that every day, so kinda use it as an excuse I guess. Need to kick my own *kitten* into shape.
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    I do stuff every day with my little boy, don't just sit about. He can't judge me or tell me off for eating crap.....yet.....!
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    I tend to be a binge eater when I am stressed about something. I have always found comfort in food and then get pissed at my myself after I have eaten them. I was so proud of myself when I stuck to healthly eating habits and was able to drop 50 pounds. I was really loving how I looked in clothes for once in my life. I started listening to my friends and family saying its ok to have this or that it's not going to make you gain 50 pounds back. Needless to say I started indulging more and more and put on 27 pounds of the 50 I lost in the last 6 months...uggggg. It's my own fault for listening to everyone when I know better but it seems like they want me to stay fat!
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    mjen4064 wrote: »
    ... it seems like they want me to stay fat!

    All the more reason to tune them out and stay on your course.

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    I have a huge problem with binge eating. The one thing I have found that is helping me the most is pre-journalling my food for the day. I know when my next meal is coming and I include snacks.
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    binging can be a sign that your macros are out of whack... increase youe water intake... and get your macros in line...sometimes a multivitamin with minerals can help... get your body moving... cardio on a regular and meaningful basis is important to get your body functioning the way it was meant... check where you are getting your calories from... 300 calories from a decent helping of cob salad... is far different than 300 calories from a bag of "crisps" so IF you are going to try and live on 1200 calories... make sure those calories are nutrient dense... otherwise... amp up the exercise and muscle building... so that you need more calories to maintain your muscle mass...
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    I have the urge to binge when I haven't been eating enough protein. Sadly, my brain interprets that as "eat ALL the carbs!" When I eat more protein for a day or two, the urge usually subsides.
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    A lot of my sabotage came from mindless and careless eating. I gave myself a 20g of protein rule: anytime I eat something, I have to first include 20g of protein. It fills you up and sometimes it helps. :) Good luck!

    I like this! Another thing I've heard and implemented was "If you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not hungry. You're just bored." It helps you evaluate why you want to eat, it's not really about eating an apple... but apples are generally a better choice than many things we grab in moments of weakness.
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    RavenLibra wrote: »
    . 300 calories from a decent helping of cob salad... is far different than 300 calories from a bag of "crisps"

    no calories are calories...who can say if a 400 calorie salad is better then a 400 calorie burger?...

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    I'm great during the week but I struggle with balancing when I add in foods that I limit to a weekend. I try to plan ahead but many times the game plan changes and I allow it to start a binge. Today I picked up my planned meal as well as fries which were added at the last moment. I did think about it, and promised myself I could have one or two when I got home after weighing and logging them in if I still wanted them. I looked at several other options and decided I could have several cups of skinny pop after dinner instead if I was hungry. For me....having my ice coffee when I'm getting hungry, and looking at my food diary seems to help me stop and think. It worked this time anyway!!