Weigh in day?



  • reddeament
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    I log my weight once a month in MFP because of monthly weight fluctuations (I find that my weight loss progress is like a zig zag going down, and I don't wanna get discouraged too much by that). But I weigh myself first thing in the morning 3x a week - then compare that weight to the month before.
  • coramandata
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    Once a week on a Wednesday. Totally disheartened by my progress though!
  • Denver88Broncos
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  • Denver88Broncos
    Denver88Broncos Posts: 17 Member
  • fittyinthemaking
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    try to every 7-8 days but if i haven't had a number 2 id rather wait o:)
  • ashliedelgado
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    Usually once a week in MFP. Daily in an weight trend app. I did just go a month without stepping on the scale because of the cluster that was my life November-December. I just wanted to do what I knew worked for me for awhile without worrying about the numbers. It worked, Christmas plus 3 pounds came off when I got back on the scale this morning
  • Geordie_Guy
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    I weigh everyday but only log my progress on my official weigh day which is Saturday morning
  • MarziPanda95
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    I only log in MFP when I lose, but I do log every day in Libra.
  • hotnumber
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    I used to weigh myself daily. But I became obsessed, and started to get on the scale several times a day ( and log weekly). Now I have banned myself from even using the scale for 3 months. I am in month 2 and doing well
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    Weekly, on Saturday morning.

    I used to weigh myself daily, but only logged it once a week. I definitely don't weigh daily anymore, but if I do randomly weigh myself in the middle of the week, it's just for my own information and I don't log it anywhere.
  • wdnisbet
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    I weigh in irregularly every 1-2 weeks, but I log each weight since I joined MFP. I need the encouragment.
  • pizzle421
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    'er day. The zig zag spikes Monday and goes lower than the previous Friday/Saturday.
  • YalithKBK
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    I log daily in Fitbit which I have connected to MFP (it allows for 0.1 pound increments). I'm logging daily at the moment as I am just starting and I want a nice, accurate trend line. After I can confirm that my weight loss matches the rate I expect, I'll go down to once a week, probably Sunday morning.
  • Denver88Broncos
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    Good job everyone!! Anyone else??
  • I weigh myself every morning and record it once a week on Fridays. That way if I go over a bit over the weekend I have the rest of the week to make up for it.
  • CraftHer
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    It's more of a zigzag pattern.

    Thanks for the zigzag anology.
  • Denver88Broncos
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    What is the zig zag thing??
  • sfriel68
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    I used to do weekly (Every Sunday Morning at exactly the same time), but now I do daily (at the same time). The reason I decided to do daily weigh ins is not because I want to make sure i'm losing weight every single day, but because I want to show people that losing weight is not a gradual steady decline. It's more of a zigzag pattern. I think people just have a misconception about how weight loss should be and they get disappointed if one day the eight 3lbs more than the previous day, so I'm keeping track daily to show them

    This interests me as I started logging daily this week and I've been horrified to gain every day with a calorie deficit
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    I have a separate app to track my daily weight. On MFP I use only my Sunday weight amount. In the separate app, it tracks my average daily loss, weekly loss, and it tracks my BMI and gives me a nice chart.
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    Once a week, measurements at the same time.