Calling all new friends WITH open diaries.



  • Kairalie
    Kairalie Posts: 90 Member
    Mine is 100% open. I'm just coming back starting today after a VERY long absence of.. well, being bad! Add away! :D love comments and motivational things :)
  • malloryboutwell
    malloryboutwell Posts: 19 Member
    Hi mine is open and would love friends and motivation!
  • jadowns
    jadowns Posts: 167 Member
  • Yelnats1
    Yelnats1 Posts: 30 Member
    edited February 2016
    Looking for a few closer friends... not looking to collect a bunch of numbers, but want friends!
  • GoJohnGo71
    GoJohnGo71 Posts: 439 Member
    Mine is open.
  • Vertythegreat
    Vertythegreat Posts: 10 Member
    Mine is open!! It keeps us accountable plus gives food ideas. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • andygvr96
    andygvr96 Posts: 26 Member

    Add me mine is open
  • PhatBeats
    PhatBeats Posts: 15 Member
    I've been afraid of opening mine in case my friends find it, but I'm making progress and I feel like I should be proud of it! Plus being accountable would definitely help me watch what I eat. I'll make my diary open now and you can add me! :smile:
  • fionasnowflake
    fionasnowflake Posts: 7 Member
    Me, happy to be friends with anyone :)
  • DonsQueen15
    DonsQueen15 Posts: 7 Member
    Open diary here! Looking to share support and motivation...and Lord knows I need someone to hold me accountable!!
  • joarias17
    joarias17 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello....I'm back on the Atkins since 1/29.not looking back this time..I need all the support I can get....I have an open diary.....looking for friends request please :)
  • Hello new to adding friends on here, any recipe ideas would be a great help xx :*
  • sladey_182
    sladey_182 Posts: 98 Member
    Not new as such, but have put a proper profile etc and opened diary if anyone is interested.....
  • punkyb07
    punkyb07 Posts: 43 Member
    Mine is open as well. I added a few folks. Add me too!
  • beckyml1980
    beckyml1980 Posts: 126 Member
    I am open to new friends... Here is a few things you should know.... 1. I hate that like button! I'd rather have friends who comment and spent the time to motivate as I do. 2. If you are going to log (which I love) and not make proper choices and then complain about not seeing results, I will tell you why.... I'm not mean but I am honest.

    If you think I would be the right fit for you then please add me. :) I have an open diary and I am on here daily!
  • toughmudderMN
    toughmudderMN Posts: 129 Member
    I meticulously weigh and log my days. Anyone can add me.
  • charkendrick
    charkendrick Posts: 74 Member
    You are welcome to add me! I've been trying to stay within my calories this past month and can use accountability as well :smile:
  • anthonynaylor
    anthonynaylor Posts: 29 Member
    I keep an open diary as well and also try to make helpful comments when I can.