Embarrassed myself at the gym



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    I'm retired military, used to be in base gyms all the time; I know what you mean about them feeling intimidating. Don't worry, everyone is busy with their own stuff. I've fallen off stuff, got stuck on leg press machine, dropped dumbells on foot, etc etc! And if they notice you at all, it's just in passing but perhaps a bit of respect for being a fellow gym-user. Just keep doing your thing; if you see the guy who helped you, maybe another "thanks again!" Would be nice, but don't sweat it!
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    You are there at least, that is already a win! Keep going and know that one day it will be you helping someone.
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    Wait until your aged 40+ you'd if done a ton of embrassing things but that's life you got to forget it I'm 10000% sure your not the first in the gym that DAY or last to make a slight error
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    I had to dump a bar once because I tried to squat too much, too fast. Somehow I staggered forward and managed to drop it on the rack...but it was loud and looked really awkward and I could've really hurt myself. And that was after I'd been lifting a while. I'd be willing to bet the vast majority of people who lift/run/bike/workout seriously in any way have some embarrassing and/or painful story about how they did it wrong.
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    I was hoping for something much funnier than that. I see a lot more things embarrassing than that, like the guy Saturday doing some dance moves on the treadmill before catching the side of it with one foot while the other foot stayed on the track resulting in a 360 and him ending up on the floor. I chuckled but also thought at least he is here working out unlike a lot of people I know.
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    i don't have a picture of it but i split my leggings when i was demonstrating aerial yoga at a street festival. black leggings. neon pink underthings.
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    I embarrass myself on a regular basis.

    Pinching my fingers between weights, clonking my head on a bar when I don't back up far enough before standing up, I've even done the walking into a pole bit (sans the looking an a mirror and flexing my muscles part). I'd just finished my run and was trying to swap my tracking app from 'run' to 'walk' and obviously was not looking where I was going.

    Deep breath, take the opportunity to not take your life so seriously. Laughing at yourself can be a great stress reliever :wink:
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    Well we have all had to learn the different machines and lifts. I still go out and watch videos to remind myself of proper form for various lifts. I wouldn't be embarrassed and just get back in there and hit it!
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    Don't be embarrassed! It was nice of him to help you too. I'd be more embarrassed if no one helped.
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    I was taking a class learning how to lift weights. The instructor had said 1st off. "you need to be aware of what you're doing to avoid injury". So she's showing us how to do a supine row in a squat rack. She had the bar low so we had to crawl in to do it. I'm on my way out and use the pad that was covering a sidebar for support. I didn't realize the pad wasn't permanently affixed...it spun around with the pressure I was putting on it and so did I. I spun around in a complete circle, fell on my *kitten* and my sneaker flew off. I could have crawled in a hole at that moment. I'm not a small person so I'm sure I looked like a site plopping on the floor!
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    rainbowbow wrote: »
    I have done so many things and felt like an idiot, i know how incredibly shameful you may feel.

    I was on my last set, last rep of squats. On the descent i knew that i wasn't going to make it back up. I had to lower down slowly, get down on my knees, and crawl out from under the bar. About 5 other gym members came over to make sure i was okay. I fled in tears I was so embarrased.

    I also failed on bench press once and had to be rescued because i pinned myself down.

    There was the time i thought i was going to do sit ups on the medicine ball and literally fell off to the side and the ball was shot across the room out from underneath me.

    I was walking down the stairs from the cardio section after leg day + cardio. My legs gave out and i fell down like 6-7 steps on my butt the whole way. THUMP THUMP THUMP

    Literally, you've just got to suck it up and go back in. Learn from your mistakes, and don't judge yourself or others too harshly. :)

    I know it's not nice to laugh but your post made me.
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    It happens. I fell off the pole at my old studio. Literally. I was hanging upside down by my thighs for the first time and the instructor/spotter walked away without telling me how to get out of the move, and I loss my grip and fell in front of everyone. Everyone rushed over to me all worried because they thought I slammed my crotch into the pole, but my crotch was just fine. My knees, not so much. I kept practicing my inverted thigh grip and now I can do that move without even thinking about it.

    I no longer go to that studio, but not because of embarrassment but because I ended up injuring myself again (pulled a muscle in my crotch area) due to incorrect info given by the instructor about inverting. I decided I didn't want to experience a 3rd injury. The studio I'm at now, I've not injured myself once in the year+ that I've been there so I know I made the right decision.
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    Aw, OP, we all goof up sometimes. Don't let a small "whoops" discourage you from doing what you want do - and this is coming from someone who constantly worries and has anxiety over that type of thing.

    Honestly, he probably forgot all about it already. You do you :)
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    Lol thanks for that guys. I went to the gym again today
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    So many embarrassments...
    I misjudged the amount of weight I could bench press & got pinned under the bar. No big deal I'm small enough to shimmy under it but the 2 guys benching beside me saw my shimmy dance & rescued me. I was so red faced but they were nice, just said it happens & to not let it get to me.
    Dropped a 45 lb. dumbbell on my toe while trying to rack it back. The problem being the rack is 3 tiers & I need to reach up on my toes to put the dumbbell back.I I was unable to run or lunge for a good 2&1/2 weeks. I just leave the heavier dumbbells on the floor in front of the rack now if no ones around to help or ask one of the guys to rack it for me.
    I got a little too enthusiastic doing front kicks into the body shield at my Krav Maga class & literally tripped myself up landing on my backside & took my partner down with me.

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    Watch gym fails in youtube and you'll understand that what happened to you is minor compared to some of the stuff that others do in the gym.

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    I did 4 sets of dumbbell presses today before I realized I had a different amount of weight in each hand. I was wondering why I kept failing on one side before the other lol.
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    I did 4 sets of dumbbell presses today before I realized I had a different amount of weight in each hand. I was wondering why I kept failing on one side before the other lol.

    I've done a set of deadlifts with a different amount of weight on each side of the barbell. I thought my left side (with more weight) was injured or something. Lol
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    I've been going to the gym for over 10 years. Honestly most people don't care what you do. Unless you're going to hurt yourself, most people might offer a hand. Remember someone has always done something worse.
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    The first time I tried to squat I misjudged my mobility, went way lower than I should have, and had to bail and crawl out. Embarrassing enough, but it was just the bar - no added weight. Lol.
    We all do something stupid sometimes. I'm glad you went back!