Can anyone help with my Weight loss

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I need to lose more weight ugh need help


  • beemerphile1
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    A tad more info is needed. I flunked out of mind reader school. :)
  • treehopper1987
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    We are here to help, but we will need more information. What are your goals, how do you plan losing the weight, do you have friends to help motivate you,etc.
  • pdsflash
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    look into a low carb, high fat diet. go to website diet they have information
  • xmichaelyx
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    How to ask a question on these forums:
    1. Fill out your profile. Personally, if someone doesn't at least have a pic or avatar, I immediately assume they're either a troll or a bored worker at MFP trying to boost forum count.
    2. Explain the problem you're having. Be specific.
    3. Give background about yourself. Age, weight, current activity and diet.
    4. Describe what you've already done to solve the problem that hasn't worked.
    5. Describe where you've already looked for answers (and if you have already googled your problem, do it)
    6. Reiterate the question in a concise way
    7. Spellcheck, and ferchrissakes use capitalization and punctuation.