For those who weigh daily



  • Bshmerlie
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    I weigh myself daily but only log each time I reach a new low.
  • CasperNaegle
    CasperNaegle Posts: 936 Member
    I weigh every day and just watch my trend over time.. you can't get hung up on the day to day fluctuations you will see. One thing you can do is weigh daily and then keep a 7 day running average to track the trend without the fluctuations so much.
  • scolaris
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    Fitbit gives me a seven day average weight. I use that one until the next week.
  • BluenoserGal
    BluenoserGal Posts: 55 Member
    I weigh daily. I log when I've lost. Keeps things consistent. It's annoying when I've hit a plateau, but nice when it's going down again.
  • samchez0
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    I just log Friday's. The rest of the week is just for curiosity and I track it in a different app.
  • shinycrazy
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    I use a different app for my daily weights and put my weekly weight in on Fridays. Since that's the end of the week when I've been mostly good, but before the weekend when my sodium intake may be a tad higher which will cause water weight gain.
  • PamHealthMission
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    I use the Happy Scale app which gives me a weight trend each day. I like it because weight does fluctuate.
  • nightbird1103
    nightbird1103 Posts: 34 Member
    I've begun weighing and logging daily. That's probably why My tracker always says zero lost lol. But I like to see the trends, and I'm trying to desensitize myself from freaking when the scale goes up even when I'm "good". I typically look at my Monday morning weight to see whether I've lost for the week.

  • tallieterp
    tallieterp Posts: 257 Member
    I'm like most other people - I use an average or wherever I have been steadiest at for the week. So if I range between 4 lbs but was steady for a few days at a 3 lb loss than that's what I'll consider my weight to be until I even out again a new weight... but that works for me since I tend to have a drop then a 1-2 week steady state then another drop...
  • eeejer
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    This site fixes all this for you :)
  • Sarahb29
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    I weigh every day and only log if I lost weight. It keeps me motivated to lose more if I know I can't log until I hit my next lb. I bounce up and down 2lbs and have been around 269-268 all week. Too many carbs :(
  • krdews
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    I weigh myself daily for my own tracking purpose and rarely do people ask my weight (however, they do ask what size I wear HA!). Either way, I generally don't share that info; but if I do, I have a tendency to give my higher weight and now that I think about it I have no idea why. Lowering the expectation... hmmm.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,342 Member
    If you use an app you'll see the overall trend of your weight.

    For me Saturday is my lightest weigh in day, I can fluctuate up and down a few lbs but overall I maintain my goal range within +/-4lbs which is all I really care about.
  • jaxlace
    jaxlace Posts: 7 Member
    There was recent research by some university (?) in the USA (?) that people who weigh in daily actually lose weight better and keep the weight off longer. Seems logical to me, once you are used to the small fluctuations, as you don't have the discouraging experience of trying hard all week to find you have apparently put on several pounds. It may just be one of those fluctuations and within a day or two you are down again - but you won't know that as you're not weighing in again until the week's up. So long as the general trend is down, you have the reward of knowing all the time that you're doing well.

    Sorry I can't tell you the details of the research project - I think I was so surprised to see the practise approved of, I wasn't paying attention.
  • IriaSparcast
    IriaSparcast Posts: 27 Member
    I weigh daily and use Trendweight. When people ask, i tell them "I'm trending 147lb currently."

    And while i'm still slowly losing (~0.25lb every week or two), even in Maintenance, when people question whether i plan to lose more, i just tell them that I'm focusing more on overall health and fitness, not my weight.
  • MaryQueenofWalking
    I weigh daily. My number is within a 3 pound plus or minus range. I usually don't tell anyone what I weigh.
  • RebeccaNaegle
    RebeccaNaegle Posts: 236 Member
    I weigh daily, to track the changes, and it changes daily a pound up or down, give or take a few ounces. Trend is moving downward, slowly. If I were going to give my actual weight to someone, I would say whatever the scale said that morning.
  • mscrystallee
    mscrystallee Posts: 62 Member
    I weigh daily to keep myself in check but I weigh-in and check in my weight on Friday mornings.
  • dujyandco
    dujyandco Posts: 90 Member
    I count the lowest as actual Loss, but according to my own head, I 'weigh' whatever it said that morning. So when my mother asks, :), I say "I've lost 21 pounds", though I might be a pound or 4 ounces or 3 pounds higher the day of asking.
    I've been weighing daily for a couple of months, and noting the trends... though even those were thrown off this month! Sheesh. Someday I'll get it. :)
  • daniwilford
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    When asked for my weight I take my lowest weight and round to the nearest 5 pounds. For example I weighed 174.2 this morning my lowest weight was 173.8, I say about 175. But the amount for fitbit and MFP I update and keep at the lowest weight, because that impacts the amount of calories I can burn and will estimate giving me the minimum I need to eat.