Favourite ways to eat Sweet potatos?!



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    Sweet potato hashbrowns is part of my go-to breakfast! :smile: Today, I had some with two strips of bacon and two eggs! I just wash the outside and cut it up, no need to peel unless there's a bad part, toss in some onions, bell peppers, fresh garlic, black pepper, fresh parsley maybe some tomatoes and a tsp of coconut oil to cook it in and that's all I need. Take a look at my diary for today and there it is.

    YUM! That sounds amazing - i'll check it out for sure!
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    Sliced and fried with a little unrefined coconut oil. Sweet potato home fries!
  • I cut the sweet pot in half, the cut it into cubes or chucks. Cook it in a pan with water and lid for about 10 min. Then drain the water and sauté with Canola Oil spray, salt and pepper. Love it!
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    I don't know if it was mentioned, but I love to slice them into fingers and then add some oil(usually whatever I have at the time), chili powder and pepper. Then I shove 'em into the oven. Sweet potato caramelizes nicely.
  • baked with salt/pepper.
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    I loooooove sweet potatoes pretty much any way you can cook them!

    For some reason it didn't let me post my recipe the first time :(

    For work I cook 100 g of diced sweet potato in a pan (about half a potato) then add 100 g of grilled chicken and 100 g of any other veggies. I cook it till its heated through and the veggies still have some crunch. Then I toss it in a tupperware with salt, pepper, and cayenne or paprika. It usually comes out to 250 to 300 ckals depending on the veggies I use so it fits into my goals well! ^___^
  • Roast sweet tatoes... Cover with turkey or quinoa chili. I have this at least 4 meals a month.
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    I like them thinly sliced, tossed with a bit of olive oil, oregano, and rosemary then roasted in the oven