Ditch the 200's by 2017!!!!

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Hey everyone,

My name is Nicole. I am posting this challenge for anyone like me who needs a little encouragement. Please feel free to join in!


  • Lady_Wilson
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    Hi Nicole. My name is Rosalyn and I would like to be a part of your challenge. Just like you I need encouragement and I am try to get out of the 200's by 2017. So how does this work?
  • VryIrishGirl76
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    Love it!
  • CiaBria
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    I am very interested in joining.
  • FeliciaWinn
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    I am interested in joining I need to loose 55lbs to break In the 1's...... sounds perfect to me!!
  • sarahlynn78
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    Hey! My name is Sarah and I would love to be out of the 200's this year!
  • Floozy5
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    Hi! Yes, I'm interested too!
    OUT OF THE 200's THIS YEAR!!!
    I'm definitely in need of motivation and support. And, I refuse to pay $$$ for any more diet plans. What's the game plan?
  • Anthonysd92
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    This sounds perfect. I need to lose quite a bit to get under 200, but if I lose around 10 lbs a month, then by Jan 1st, I may make it. I'm 296, so it'll be pretty close.
  • plantamber
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    I'd love to join!!! I'm 261 and would love to break 199 by 2017
  • Floozy5
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    I'm 57 and need to drop 65 lbs to hit 200. For me, determination is the hardest thing to keep going with both controlling my eating and exercise. I want to lose the weight to feel better, especially in my joints. I also want to eat whatever I want! I need to find that 1 thought that will keep me motivated to making the sacrifices that are necessary for the long haul. Everyday is a new day for a new chance to succeed.
  • justrying2015
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    Is this challenge still open to join?
  • TheDiaryOfAFatGirl
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    I'm in! I weighed last Monday for my first weigh in. I weighed in at 313 pounds! By 2017 I hope to be below 200 or real close to it.
  • RoxyHunterRose
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    I'm in! I weigh 310 lbs and would love to be below 200. :smiley:
  • trinty425
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    I have almost 60 lbs to lose to get below 200. Would love to be under by next year as well. I'm in!
  • meglynne1987
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    I'm In!
  • iecreamheadaches
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    working on itttt! 58 lbs til Onederland!


    send me an add if you want!
  • momo_t90
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    I would like to participate in this challenge. 51 lbs is a little faster than I planned on losing which is 1lbs a week (or 43 lbs in the remaining year), but it's not too far off that I can't do it. It just means losing 2 lbs a week for a few weeks which will be easy to do starting out.

    So are we doing weekly weigh-ins?
  • MrsKGrady
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    I'm in...I really want to see that 199 before next January. I'm currently at 230.
  • kaylamcgraw79
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    I would like to join in as well. I am very motivated to get out of the 200 by 2017. Today was a very big day for me. I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks. I just broke thru the 300. 294.8 I was shocked and excited.
  • kaylamcgraw79
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    Hey Everyone, I started a group for us. I hope that is ok!! :) The same name as this post! come Join!!