Surprised by my exercise hunger



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    I looked at a couple of days of your diary. Try to getting a little more fiber and a little more protein and see if that helps with hunger.

    +1 to this . . . for the protein, especially so since your exercise has increased.

    Side note: As a weight-trend app user (Libra), I've actually found it less useful as I approach maintenance. A wonky week or two sometimes gets it thinking I'm gaining when (based on current logging & extensive experience during weight loss) I know I'm not. Because I've used the app for a while & have a good understanding of how it works, this doesn't freak me out, but if I'd just started using it now, it might. I wouldn't discourage you from using one - I think it will be helpful - but don't let it shake your confidence in the short run if you know you're on track.

    Play with your smoothing and forecast days in the advanced options of the app. increase from the default 7 to 14 or 20.

    I appreciate your comment, sincerely! In general, that makes sense, if someone understands the implications.

    That said, I tried that a bit, back at the time. Results still Stoopid. (I'm not a statistician, but have enough statistics in my academic background that I Get It.)

    For example, when you're increasing calories gradually every week or two to coast into maintenance, but have a week or three when eating gets peaky (cue the water weight & a tiny bit of actual gain), the trending results can be anomalous for a period of days to a smalll number of weeks.

    Could I tweak it to make that specific period come out "better"? Prolly. But why? I know what's happening - I've been tracking my weight for years, even when not losing, and using the app for months. I have a good estimate of my TDEE.

    Keep in mind I was offering a caution to someone considering newly adopting a trending app as they head toward maintenance, and with an unknown (to me) grasp of how the stats work. I still think "don't let it shake your confidence" is good advice. At minimum, one needs a reasonable time period of data in there, and a little understanding of what it's telling one, before treating it as Deeply Meaningful Advice.

    Fully agreed. I usually tell people that having less than 20 days of data is not meaningful. Furthermore that people so affected should log at least one monthly cycle into their app as water retention associated with TOM is fairly powerful and can overpower small weight level changes.

    In any case, results should always be interpreted in conjunction with one's logging and with some knowledge of what is happening... i.e. if you just had Chinese food after you went for your longest hike to date and you can barely walk in the morning... seeing your weight shoot up because of exercise and sodium and expecting your weight to remain high for at least as long as you're in pain should be a given.
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    Update : I have figured out a plan to track my canteen meals better. Not being able to weigh my guesswork has been a hit and miss affair. The canteen has about 20 standard meals which they rotate and there are a few which are my favorites so I am going to alternate bringing them home as takeaways so that I can weigh them in the privacy of my home. I can then build up a data base of the average weights of the components of those meals.

    It won't be perfect as the server will never give me exactly the same amount of mash each time or whatever and I won't know exactly what ingredients have gone into the preparation, but it will be a lot better than total guess work.

    I tried it last night for the first time and discovered I had been way off on my guessing of the pasta portion sizes - about 50g off as it turned out. Guesses are ALWAYS terrible... ALWAYS! Even when you try hard. I am pleased that I have constructed a plan. The good news is that the scale is going down again. I first had to lose the 0.5kg I gained in Feb! I am now back to 64kgs, as of this morning, which was my Jan weight.

    As far as my exercise plan goes - I have backed off a bit. I have slowed things down and am training three times a week instead of every week day. This seems to control my hunger and I am less exhausted which in my case leads to better choices. I will wait until I have lost the last 4kg before stepping up the exercise again.
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    Glad to hear that you arrived at a workable plan: Good show!
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    I'm having this same problem with not losing weight, and increased hunger ESPECIALLY at night.. my strength is severely increasing though and I am alot stronger now .. I was losing a pound or two every week and now .. nothing ... im hoping one day ill wake up and all the progress will catch up to me .. I'm not going to give up though .. I feel good other than night eating :/
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    Great job OP!

    Ps stay away from any foods where you don't know how much fat has gone in, like mash, there's no point weighing food that is drenched in high calorie fat. You'll be forever guessing why you may be stalling or plateauing.

    It gets harder the closer you get to goal.

    I'm 1.5lb pound away and I've just had a 50 day run of plateau, and if I wasn't sure if my calorie numbers I would have long given up. In fact, I dropped down to where I should be a couple of days ago and have stayed. I suddenly look lean even though I've been hungry for nearly two months.