Opinions (What makes you a good person and what makes you a bad person ?)

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What makes you a good person and what makes you a bad person ?


  • ClubSilencio
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    Probably nachos.
  • pie_eyes
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    I love hard and hate hard
  • JustMissTracy
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    I guess it depends on your perspective. Personally, being a "good" person to me means treating people well, and with respect. Being "good" means taking care of my family and friends, and protecting them at all costs. "Bad" to me would be someone who doesn't do those things, because they choose not to.
  • J383
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    I will be the sweetest girl you know, BUT I will cut you.
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    I'm filled with Compassion, stand up for those who are ridiculed and Love everyone!
    However, I NEVER forget someone's mistakes and tend to voice my opinion a whole LOT!!!
  • backontheattack
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    I have a huge heart and love hard but no patience..
  • Forestgirly
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    I'm care about my friends and family a lot and always support them but when someone doesn't listen to me or do what I want them to do I'll get angry pretty quickly
  • VikMcAnik
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    There's no black&white answer. Everyone is a little good or a little bad or one of million shades of grey in between. You just have to try to be your best. Whether you think someone is good or bad is often just a matter of perspective.
  • jbuzzed
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    I'm always there for friends, family and coworkers who need me but I also tease them all relentlessly.
  • qxana1969
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    I'm mostly good but am glad that don't have the power to annihilate the human race because I'd be tempted.
  • Corpsebride81
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    I'm a very honest and sincere person but never forget anything
  • missfally
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    Compassion, love, and empathy make a person a good person.
  • your_pal_crusher
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    ^ this.
  • hungrypotato
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    I'm kind to most people. Help them if they need it, but if you mess with my family expect a beating.
  • lunidevojka
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    Hard to say really. People tend to not talk to me because I look scary, and or don't know how I'll be. I can be...cordial I suppose. No reason to be an a**hole unless a loved one of mine is messed with, than I release the wolves upon you.
  • TheArchyBunker
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    I speak whats on my mind with no filter. I call that s*** as I see it.
  • Minion_training_program
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    Reviving this thread

    Good: Because we see the good and positive things about almost any situation in life

    Bad: Because we are minions
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    The Good in me is my Love & Compassion for others, 💞my Faith🙏, my sense of humor 🤪, I'm a pretty great Mama & Mima 🤗 ...and wife 💏and I Love with my everything!💘

    The bad is that I'm overly sensitive 😢, I hold grudges 😡, I procrastinate 🤷 and have little willpower to say no to people and to good food 🥴 oh... And sometimes I have a potty mouth 🤬 and I can occasionally be judgemental & critical😬
  • PaperDoll_
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    Good? 🤔 I’ll get back to you on that.

    Bad? I can’t share that here.
  • Keef75
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    Good- 95% of the time I’m a normal, happy go lucky, chilled type of guy who would help anyone..
    Bad- that other 5%.....