What's a good night snack????

Thinking spinach salad with 1 tbsp poppyseed dressing??!


  • elphie754
    elphie754 Posts: 7,574 Member
    That's a snack food? I guess...... I usually have popcorn at night.
    ASH_DVM Posts: 160 Member
    Ice cream, yogurt, string cheese, chocolate, beer usually for me
  • ZabrinaParis
    ZabrinaParis Posts: 10 Member
    Trying to lay off the carbs after supper...
  • Bob314159
    Bob314159 Posts: 1,178 Member
    Full fat plain greek yogurt with 2 squares of 72% dark chocolate
  • trisH_7183
    trisH_7183 Posts: 1,486 Member
    2 Graham crackers & 1/2 C milk
  • BeYouTiful94
    BeYouTiful94 Posts: 289 Member
    Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries with cottage cheese. Low carb and low cal, and cottage cheese has protein
  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    Trying to lay off the carbs after supper...

    If the issue is that you're "out of" carbs by the time you finish supper, that makes sense.
    If you still have carbohydrate left in your dietary goals, it's perfectly fine to eat carbs at night at least from a fat loss/gain perspective.

    I only mention this because for some reason people believe that late-night carbohydrate eating leads to fat accumulation and this isn't true if total calories are kept in check.
  • elphie754
    elphie754 Posts: 7,574 Member
    Trying to lay off the carbs after supper...

    Any particular reason why?
  • fit_jewels
    fit_jewels Posts: 3 Member
    i used to devour a bowl of rice or cereal before bed lol
  • ZabrinaParis
    ZabrinaParis Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks! Lots of good information
  • JmeJinxx
    JmeJinxx Posts: 210 Member
    I almost always make sure I have enough calories for chocolate at night while I'm reading, although it's best to brush your teeth after sweets before going to sleep.
  • IFBBRich
    IFBBRich Posts: 99 Member
    Cottage cheese is the bomb before bed. It's a great source of casein protein
  • alittlelife14
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  • whmscll
    whmscll Posts: 2,254 Member
    Baby Bonbel Light cheese
  • chaney3000
    chaney3000 Posts: 261 Member
    I stopped the snackin after diner all together. I just drink water or zero cal poweraid (rarely) if I need some flavor.
  • ybee1991
    ybee1991 Posts: 106 Member
    I just had popcorn
  • veggiecanner
    veggiecanner Posts: 137 Member
    2 grahm crackers with peanut butter, if i have enough calories I have milk with it.
  • ElJefeChief
    ElJefeChief Posts: 651 Member
    Ice cream and cookies
  • Lounmoun
    Lounmoun Posts: 8,426 Member
    Whatever you want.
    I sometimes have carrots and celery, popcorn, fruit, or yogurt.
  • keepmovin16
    keepmovin16 Posts: 11 Member
    An apple or a yogurt cup for me.