meal replacement shakes?

I'm currently on day 3 of meal replacement shakes and i must admit they are really filling (which is good for someone who is constantly hungry and picking at food). Has anyone had them and do they work? how much did you lose :)


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    I've never had one that was filling for more than 15 minutes. Which ones do you use?
  • RoxieDawn
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    Nope not filling, but if you can work with your mind to tell you that it is working, then it is working for you.

    Did not work for me in the past.. really I am hungrier 30 minutes later.
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    Slim Fast? They go great with oreos don't they?
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    I'm currently on day 3 of meal replacement shakes and i must admit they are really filling (which is good for someone who is constantly hungry and picking at food). Has anyone had them and do they work? how much did you lose :)

    Are you planning on eating/drinking meal replacement shakes for the rest of your life?

    If not, I'd suggest starting to learn how to fit real food into your real life, and skip on the shakes.

    If you're ok with meal shakes for the rest of your life, go with a shake you like.
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    I use the Slim Fast High Protein shakes, and I love them. You can get them at walmart, a 4 pack is about $6. Or you can get the powder and mix it with milk. Has about 1/3 of your daily vitamins/supplements that you need too.
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    Slim Fast? They go great with oreos don't they?

    Heh, my wife went though a slimfast stage.

    She soon stopped when I started to drink the mocha ones with a few oreos.
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    I used to use milkshake diets regularly in my twenties and always lost weight successfully (and quickly) on them due to the massive deficit created by eating once a day.

    I could never keep off that weight though - it would creep back on as I did not learn better eating habits. It is different for everyone but I used them because I did not trust myself around food - it was easier to starve then for me to face up to my habits.

    Losing 14kgs slowly over almost a year has been a much healthier process.

    I understand the urge to get rid of weight in a hurry, but it can come back just as fast.
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    I think they do to a point... it all depends on what your eating
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    If trying to loose weight, better check the ingredients. Many of these drinks are high calorie and have lots of sugar. In my opinion, pure concentrated dairy whey is the best meal replacement drink. You can add amino acids, fruit, yogurt or other healthy elements to your taste and preference that will fuel your body. I drink 1 or 2 whey protein shakes a day, but this is mostly out of convenience, not for any other reason. My low carb whey protein + heavy cream is about 500 calories, and I consider this to be a meal. As someone who is trying to gain weight, it is generally important that I have these extra meals.
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    Ask yourself: "Am I LEARNING how to EAT better by using shakes to replace my meals?" If you're not, then weight regain will likely be inevitable. Liquid diets have the highest rate of weight regain because users learned nothing on how to actually eat food in portions, nor how to count actual calories.
    Don't go for the "quick" weight loss. ANYONE can do that. Just about everyone that does, gains it back. COUNT your food calories and learn habitual behaviors so you DON'T overeat. That's how you lose weight and keep it off FOR LIFE.

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    I've done the meal replacement shakes in the past......yet here I am again.

    Instead of losing the same pounds over and over, I decided to lose weight the right way. Lifestyle changes. That means that I measure and log real food. The food that I intend to eat for the rest of my life. MFP is a great tool for that. I'm fat because my portions are too big. MFP helps me see that.

    Logging shakes isn't necessary because all the counting is done for you. A huge percentage of people regain the weight they lost. This is because nothing changes. Lifestyle goes back to usual and our weight goes back to usual.

    Do yourself a favor & step down the shakes. Go from 3 shakes, to 2 shakes to 1 shake. Figure out what healthy portions look like before you get to goal.
  • BuddhaB0y
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    I use shakes for breakfasts most days simply because I don't usually eat breakfast otherwise but I find if I don't have some calories I get ravenous later. I use them as a tool and don't rely on them as a sole source of nutrition. I do find they curb my appetite for a few hours and it's an easy way to regulate morning calories.

    I don't recommend relying solely on shakes.... But they can be a useful part of my daily diet. The ones I use are high protien meal replacement shakes that have 250 cals per bottle.

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    Slim Fast? They go great with oreos don't they?

    Way back when in my younger and naive days I used Slim Fast products. Let me tell you. That coffee one? That stuff literally made my urine smell like the drink. It was weird and I thought maybe I was imagining things until my friend, who was alos using the products, said the same thing. Then I went online and looked it up and what do you know? Lots of other people have that issue. I gag anytime I think of those products. No thanks.
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    Yeah I've done shakes. Didn't work because I never learned anything.

    Try to eat real food.
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    I use Juice Plus Complete - I love it. I have one shake as a meal replacement a few times a week, so I don't have it everyday.

    Reason for this is mainly variety and wanting to chew haha! But in all seriousness, it's okay to have a meal replacement just maybe not everyday.

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    I'm not a breakfast person and decided to start drinking protein shakes as my replacement meal for breakfast. So far I have lost 5 pounds after 2.5 weeks.
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    I like meal replacement shakes in general (no specific brands). They fill me up, but besides that I am crazy busy! I work full time, I go to full time online school for my nurse bachelors, I have a toddler and an infant and at work as a nurse I am constantly running around. Many days if I didn't have shakes I either wouldn't eat or I would just eat crap. They work for me, but they are something I love that I have no problem incorporating into my life forever. If you don't plan to drink shakes forever they probably aren't the best for you.
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    Thank you all for your great response! I've decided i will just use it once a day instead of twice a day. It does provide a great amount of vitamins and minerals. I use morrisons shape up shake which cost about £3.49 xx