-100lbs Female 5'7" pics :)

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Today I hit 100lbs lost. I started in July of 2014 at 281.2lbs. Nearly 2 years later I was rewarded this morning with 181.1lbs on the scale. I didn’t do any fad diets, (I didn’t do diets of any kind actually.) I didn’t have surgery, or take pills, or replace my meals with shakes, or wrap myself because “IT WORKS!”
I focused on calories in calories out and tried my best to provide my body with adequate nutrition. I’m not done with my loss just yet, but I’m too thrilled with hitting -100lbs not to share. Keep at it, take things one at a time. One meal, one workout, one day, and one lb at a time! 8vt9ys0ghtz9.jpg


  • farfromthetree
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    Congratulations! 100 lbs is definitely something to cheer about!! You look fantastic
  • 2snakeswoman
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    Wow, you look almost like a different person. I hope you're patting yourself on the back for a difficult task well done.
  • MudstainSally
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    Awesome job. Love the X-files running shirt.
  • Penthesilea514
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    Love your running shirt! Great job- you are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing :)
  • auntv77
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    Good for you! You look amazing (and you look like you feel amazing!)
  • Dana_E
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    You look amazing! Love it! Keep it up! You're doing great!
  • revolucia78
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    wow, amazing progress, you look awesome!
  • c_leeee
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    :smiley: Thanks guys!! Scully is my absolute favorite, one of my biggest inspirations was that with weight loss I could get a really killer cosplay in! Might be time to start shopping for a good suit and a 90s cell phone!
  • vikinglander
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    Outstanding! You're an inspiration to me. And I might have a 90s cell phone laying in a box in a closet somewhere...in fact, I may have an 80s cell phone! Now go reward yourself with some new clothes...
  • fastfoodietofitcutie
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    Congratulations! What are you doing to celebrate?
  • c_leeee
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    I'm going to start planning a massive X-Files tattoo piece. I have a lot of stretch marks I'd like to cover up!
  • LaceyBirds
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    Congratulations on your incredible weight loss! Slow and steady wins the race, obviously. :smile: Love your origami crane tattoo.
  • PlantBasedRnr
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    AMAZING !! Great job - you should be proud of yourself, you look incredible.
  • Trollbella
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    Wow, you look amazing! Kudos, pretty lady! ;)
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    Great work! You look fabulous! <3
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    Amazing work. You look fantastic!
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    you look good, nice commitment!
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    that is awesome! great work. :)
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    LaceyBirds wrote: »
    Congratulations on your incredible weight loss! Slow and steady wins the race, obviously. :smile: Love your origami crane tattoo.

    Thank you! :smiley:
  • c_leeee
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    Thanks everyone! I really love the MFP community!