Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • engagedprincess
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    *paw up*
  • findingro
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    we can all be friends ;)
  • bookwormliam
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    I would love more friends. I need all the encouragement I can get. Although, I don't want just any friends. Please red my profile first and then add me if you like. No pressure.
  • aimeescott1251
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    Feel free to add
  • mclauchlanjosh
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    Down a couple pounds of fat and up a couple pounds of lean. Come on 15% here I come. I want to see a 6 pack once more in more life while I can. 41st bday in October
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    zachduden wrote: »
    Add me, I'm new.

    Added! And welcome!

    Please add me I need friends! Ha
  • sharlaaisha
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    Heyyyyyyy all, hope all your journeys are going super well. Add me if you would like to be a friend on MFP, thanks.x
  • TooShortForThisWeight
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    edited March 2016

    • 31 year old mom doing this for the 2nd time.
    • Started this journey 2 weeks ago at 187, down to 177 as of today
    • Overall goalis 120
    • Doing cardio and weights.
    • Planet fitness member.
    • Harry Potter nerd who loves zombies.
    • I do not like being serious all the time and my posts may reflect that.
    • I'm a Duke Blue Devils fan, so if you're team is in the NCAA tourney right now, we may not be able to be friends until it is over.
    • I like to set small goals for my weight loss so I do not get too discouraged with my progress.
    • Tracking progress with scale, measurements, photos, amount of my back fat touching each other, size of my boobs, decrease in inner thunder thighs chafing, and my booty going from a flat ***** to a badonkadonk.
    • I am you're basic southern girl, but at the gym listening to my playlist I feel like a beast from the streets of Compton
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    Friend are always welcome
  • HeidiHubbardMFP
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    Looking for more supportive and motivational friends! Please feel free to add me :)
  • MessyArts
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    hey everyone! 29/f/nyc, add me! (:
  • RobertoToronto
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    Could use some pals I'm doing it alone lol

    Whats your location?
  • couturebody
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    Add me! I'm an active user! :smiley:
  • melsouth1972
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    I always need new friends- I'm in maintenance and have taken up running. I'm struggling with negative comments at the moment. I've been told I've lost too much I look ill etc. I am a healthy weight and fitter than I have ever been. Why was no one concerned when I was fat and unhealthy?
  • jcsgirl86
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    I would love some more MFP friends. I have lost 50 lb. and am in maintenance now (for 4 months). I lost the weight once before and gained it all back plus some. This time I'm determined to keep it off! Encouragement from others to keep on keeping on would be great!
  • zachduden
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    Still adding!
  • mii6464
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    19 year old yoga enthusiast looking for a weight loss buddy!
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    hooray for fit friends !!!
  • seepersaud
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  • hjaye75
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    Just started and love the support of a community coming from WW connect which was a great community ..hoping I can find that here as well..add me