55 pounds lost!



  • jrussoalesi
    jrussoalesi Posts: 18 Member
    So nice to see a story where stick-to-itness really paid off. Who cares that it took you 20 months. You DID IT!!!!
    I needed some Monday motivation and you just delivered it. Thanks! Congratulations on your AMAZING transformation!
  • dolphins305
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    You did a wonderful job. You should be very proud of yourself.
  • Sapphires4me
    Sapphires4me Posts: 93 Member
    Congratulations! You look awesome!
  • perkymommy
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    Congratulations!! You are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I love these stories.
  • mmnv79
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    You look great! Well done!
  • LittleSis16
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    Wow well done! I've just started a week ago, after years of yo-yoing & just finding out I have hypothyroidism at the age of 41 your story gives me hope! Im the biggest I've ever been & have 9st + to loose
  • T0M_K
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    good work!
  • dhawk2196
    dhawk2196 Posts: 14 Member
    Im just starting the same journey.....i gained due to several surgeries and the fact i am not very mobile...im 5'4 184 with a goal of 150....you are inspiration :)
  • ughbrit
    ughbrit Posts: 51 Member
    Sounds like you made a great lifestyle change! You look great!!!
  • JoKnowsJo
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    You look great!! what an accomplishment!
  • elkhunter7x6
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    You look awesome, congratulations!
  • Rdsgoal16
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    outstanding, what an inspiration!
  • CherieB_Akiko
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  • nowine4me
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    Whoa - that's amazing. Your hard work and persistence paid off.
  • jatdh1753
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    Amazing progress!! You look wonderful!