Lose 55lbs by Sept 1st



  • BobbieLee1959
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    I like the idea of doing a Today I Will post in which we choose one way we will work on our goal. Even one thing is better than doing nothing...so Today I Will: Stick to my calorie goal and if in order to do so I need to add additional "steps" to my workout plan...I will!
  • michaeyayyyy
    michaeyayyyy Posts: 67 Member

    How can I post pics to track my progress please
  • Mattwhosfat
    Mattwhosfat Posts: 44 Member
    Yes I'm in aswell. I wana lose 5.5stone by xmas
  • Blessed2beT
    Blessed2beT Posts: 33 Member
    I'm in ☺☺

    I wanted yo lose 50 by July so this will keep me accountable to that goal.

    SW:354 March 1st
    GW:299 (for this challenge)
  • Blessed2beT
    Blessed2beT Posts: 33 Member
    nado650 wrote: »
    I am in I've started this journey about a month ago and definitely would love to challenge myself . I've had some success and would love to have a great support to continue this life changing experience !
    SW- 309
    GW- 220

    You've done awesome so far!!
  • brittnjace
    brittnjace Posts: 2 Member
    I'm so so down. I need to lose weight by September 6.

    CW 290
    GW 235
  • bikram127
    bikram127 Posts: 4 Member
    I would love to join in. My start/current weight is 188. My goal is155. I have eliminated processed sugar. I use fruits, sugar free gum and splenda.
    Its a process. I reading something calming and calling friends who understand my plight.
    Lets have some fun.
    The scale is my problem ivwill weigh in on the 1858th. Hope to still qualify for the group
  • lawmiller1
    lawmiller1 Posts: 22 Member
    I would like to join if I can.
    Sw. 265
    Cw. 263
    Goal. 208 if I can meet this challenge.
  • love2lift_85
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    SW: 185
    CW: 184
    GW: 130 (for this challenge)

    March 31st:
    April 30th:
    May 31st:
    June 30th:
    July 31st:
    August 30th/Sept 1st:
  • Brittles927
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    Hey everyone! The group is still open so feel free to add yourselves :)


    While you're there, make sure you weigh-in in the "Friday's Weekly Weigh-in" Discussion :)
  • mandyjanine
    mandyjanine Posts: 19 Member
    I would love to join this challenge as well! It's great to have accountability partners as we progress towards our goals. Support is a must!

    SW: 248
    CW: 229.4
    GW for this Challenge: 193 (I'll subtract from SW since I started back on this journey in February and this group has been going for a little while)
    Ultimate GW: 150
  • bondgirl50
    bondgirl50 Posts: 42 Member
    SW 262 started MFP Jan 31st
    CW 245 now joining this challenge Mar28th
    GW 190
    Struggles - weekends and evenings
  • Mirabelle_Out
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    bondgirl50 wrote: »
    SW 262 started MFP Jan 31st
    CW 245 now joining this challenge Mar28th
    GW 190
    Struggles - weekends and evenings

    Weekends and evenings are my hardest!!

    I've been trying to keep busy in the evenings. Getting on here helps!!!
  • Sexedee10
    Sexedee10 Posts: 62 Member
    I'm in. Add me and I'll post here...
    Start... 189

    Just remember you may platue soooooo.... It may not be easy for those of us that weigh a bit less and if we have been doing this for a while....
  • sharnna15
    sharnna15 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm in!! I did something to keep me motivated!!
    SW 179
    GW 124
    Good luck everyone!!
  • Jrichards1712
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    edited March 2016
    I'm in. September I'm doing the color run 5K & 20 year wedding anniversary is October.
    SW 309
    CW 295
    GW 250

    I'm eating low carb and walking daily. Drinking 100-150 ounces of water daily.
  • mscccslp91
    mscccslp91 Posts: 19 Member
    Is it too late to join?
  • michaeyayyyy
    michaeyayyyy Posts: 67 Member
    March 29, 2016 6:48PM
    michaeyayyyy wrote: »
    Am in please sw 260 gw 250 (will do this for a while as my long time.gw is 175)

    Down 1lb 2 this week

    Just 53 lbs 14 to go lol
  • Elpha25
    Elpha25 Posts: 20 Member
    I'm in! The additional support would be great :)

    SW - 179
    CW - 179
    GW - 132