Favorite Zero Calorie Carbonated Drink???



  • hollowed78
    hollowed78 Posts: 5 Member
    Big red zero or Mello yellow zero.Both are good especially if your just craving a pop.
  • mkakids
    mkakids Posts: 1,913 Member
    Diet cherry dr pepper followed by diet coke.
  • dulcitonia
    dulcitonia Posts: 278 Member
    I don't do sweeteners....
    Herbal water is awesome
  • mdrichardsons
    mdrichardsons Posts: 83 Member
    Quick question this just reminded me. Does anyone know on those new soda machines where it's all on the screen and you choose from all the different sodas. if you want the extra flavoring does it add calories like vanilla in my diet Dr Pepper ?

    Yes, but they are negligible. Technically, all of these "zero" calorie sodas have some calories, but the USDA labeling laws allow anything under 5 calories/serving to be counted as zero calorie. The Coca Cola Freestyle machines with the added flavors are all under 10 calories for a large diet soda even with the added flavorings IIRC. For all intents and purposes, you can continue to treat them as zero. Unless you are a drinking a LOT it's within the uncertainty of calories given the allowable error of nutrition info in general.

    Thanks that is helpful.
  • lauraesh0384
    lauraesh0384 Posts: 463 Member
    Diet Mt Dew. I have two cans every morning and the rest of the day I drink water flavored with sugar free powdered mixes. Gotta have my caffeine!
  • AdelitaCampbell
    AdelitaCampbell Posts: 23 Member
    La Croix Cherry Lime
  • courtniekrebs
    courtniekrebs Posts: 79 Member
    I mix up what I have.... diet mountain dew is my fav.... Coke vanilla zero or cherry zero. I do drink flavored seltzer water at home :)
  • courtniekrebs
    courtniekrebs Posts: 79 Member
    Now I'll have to look for diet cream soda. Didn't know there was one !!!!
  • mpat81
    mpat81 Posts: 346 Member
    Spindrift lemon seltzer
  • CooCooPuff
    CooCooPuff Posts: 4,374 Member
    Now I'll have to look for diet cream soda. Didn't know there was one !!!!
    I mostly see these at gas stations.

  • courtniekrebs
    courtniekrebs Posts: 79 Member
    I'll be in heaven if I find one !!!
  • gember85
    gember85 Posts: 114 Member
    Diet coke defo but have cut down on my intake of it x
  • ReaderGirl3
    ReaderGirl3 Posts: 868 Member
    My go to's are coke cherry zero and then diet coke with lime.
  • 6pkdreamer
    6pkdreamer Posts: 180 Member
    Mineral water or soda water wigh a sqeeze of lemon or lime juice?
  • Abbie918
    Abbie918 Posts: 120 Member
    Any flavor of La Croix!
  • Amerane
    Amerane Posts: 136 Member
    Zevia black cherry cola. No cals, no colors etc.

    Their ginger root beer is tasty too. Kinda weird though if you pour it into a clear glass and are expecting a brown drink XD
  • Yogi_Flexi
    Yogi_Flexi Posts: 31 Member
    I like Zevia. It's non-gmo, and is sweetened with stevia. It doesn't contain neuro toxic chemicals like most diet sodas.
  • ekat120
    ekat120 Posts: 407 Member
    Zevia has a weird aftertaste to me. I like San Pellegrino, Sparkling Ice (esp. lemonade), Diet Rock Stars, and Coke Zero. I also have aromatic bitters that I'll put in sparkling water or mineral water sometimes. Different flavor, and less sweet.
  • Mike02209
    Mike02209 Posts: 301 Member
    La Croix Cherry Lime

    Yes, I love those. But they seem to leave an aftertaste that makes me chain drink about 4 of them.
  • chulipa
    chulipa Posts: 650 Member
    Diet coke when i eat out but mostly caffeine free diet mountain dew at home