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Three hours.



  • soulofgracesoulofgrace Posts: 175Member Member Posts: 175Member Member
    Last Sunday I ate a hard boiled Easter egg. Maybe it is commonly a "three hour tour" but that egg got lost and first sighting, or rather smelling, was last night. (Sorry) :p
  • SLLeaskSLLeask Posts: 483Member Member Posts: 483Member Member
    Go to bed hungry... even slightly...? No way, I'd never sleep!! :(
  • CrabNebulaCrabNebula Posts: 1,119Member Member Posts: 1,119Member Member
    I am in the weird minority that even if I am physically hungry, I do not have any energy or will to eat if I am exhausted. I just want to go to bed and I'll fall right into a coma as soon as my head hits pillow. Need for sleep always trumps the need for food in my brain and body's book.
  • ndj1979ndj1979 Posts: 29,021Member Member Posts: 29,021Member Member
    i see OP never came back ....not surprising...
  • scastor27scastor27 Posts: 204Member Member Posts: 204Member Member
    Well crap, I'm doing it all wrong :/
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