What's a typical 1500 calorie day for you?

I'm trying to get started (again) on getting into shape and I struggle so much with food/calorie counting. Just curious what other people eat on a typical day. Thanks so much!


  • xtina315
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    My diary is open. My meals are not ideal, but I eat 1300-1500 a day.
  • melduf
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    Here's what my day looks like:
    Breakfast: English muffin with 2 egg whites, smoked turkey (because ham doesn't agree with me, but you can switch it), a slice of cheese
    Snack: half a cup of greek yogourt 0%MF with homemade oatmeal cookie
    Lunch: protein like beef, chicken or pork, with rice, veggies, fruits for dessert
    Snack: nuts or an apple and cheese
    Dinner: protein like fish, beef, chicken or pork, with rice, potatoes or a small tortillas/pita, veggies.
    Snack: a small treat like a bite of chocolate (that would be around 10g, that's really just a bite or 2!) or a homemade energy ball.

    Of course, it all depends on the servings... I weigh and measure everything. If you want more details, add me. My diary is open.
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    my diary is open feel free to take a look. My goal pre exercise is 1500 and mostly eat that in snacks.
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    My diary is also open! I don't do low fat or low calorie or low carb or any of that. I did that in the past and it didn't work for me long term. There are some people that have metabolic issues that require them to limit certain macros, but for most of us, macros don't really matter in weight loss, just total calories.

    I was sticking to about 1500 because I was really shooting for 1600 and wanted to account for under reporting. I had a back injury and 1500 was my "sedentary" target based on my BMR/TDEE for my target weight of 65 kg and 20% body fat. If I do at least an hour's worth of movement, 1600-1700 seems to work better for me, which fits with a TDEE factor of 1.3 instead of 1.2 for sedentary. I calculated my own BMR/TDEE using a mix of different equations and took the average rounded down. I did this for my current weight, my target weight, and different points in between. This is helping me to set realistic weight loss goals (I'm already ahead of where I predicted which is awesome).

    Because MFP adjusts with you if you log your weight, I'm using MFP's estimates, sedentary + lose .25 kg per week, and that gives me a daily target of about 1800. The point is, if I do go over my 1500 target, I know as long as I stay under 1800 I'm likely still technically in enough of a deficit to see some weight loss.

    Breakfast for me varies, but is typically 2 pancakes with 1/2 T grade b maple syrup (more maple flavor means I use less), eggs benedict (1 egg/ham/tomato on just one half of the english muffin, the other half of the english muffin is to sop up the extra hollandaise), or if I'm in a hurry or not feeling that hungry I might just have a crumpet or english muffin with butter and a little jam, or even just a bowl of muesli or no-sugar added cereal with whole milk and a sliced banana. I also have 2 cups of coffee and about 1/4 cup of whole milk in each cup (total of 1/2 cup of whole milk).

    Lunch is all over the map, either leftover dinner or something quick. One of my favorite low calorie quick lunches is heat up a can of Amy's vegetable lentil soup with a sliced up hot dog. I also like ramen noodles with vegetables, leftover meat, and an egg (Koyo is a smaller serving than the regular ones and the seasoning packet is decent, but I can still never finish a bowl of it). In the fall/winter I like soups and in the spring/summer I start wanting salads. Quick things include a small chopped salad with a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and relish or a cheese quesadilla with sliced tomato (I make my own tortillas with lard because I can't find any using lard in the grocery store anymore).

    For dinner, I've started using the America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two cookbook (it's just me and my husband) and even though they claim the recipes serve 2, it's really more like 3-4. They have all kinds of stuff in there including desserts you can make in very small quantities. So, if you are tempted to binge on the whole chocolate cake, well, it's just a 6" diameter chocolate cake or you make 2 1-cup bundt cakes. I think yesterday I made the chicken and rice with chicken thighs plus some steamed broccoli, that fed me and my husband, and we had a guest, and we still had one serving leftover. The other day I made a lasagna (they have you make it in a bread loaf pan) and just ate 1/4 of it instead of the full 1/2 serving. I think a full serving would be like 700 calories so even if you did eat the whole thing it's not a big deal. I think the key thing is, don't restrict what you eat, just don't eat too much. And honestly, if you're eating a full fat thing, you will feel full and satisfied on a lot less.

    Because I get hungry around 4-5pm, I just eat dinner early and have a dessert or snack around 7 or 8 when I'm hungry again. If I'm not able to eat dinner at that time, then I'll have a small snack (cheese and crackers or beef jerky are my favorites) and just plan on eating a smaller serving of dinner (or just something lower calorie like a baked fish thing). I don't like to skip dessert, it's my reward for staying within my calorie goal. If there isn't room in my calories for me to have dessert, then I'll have a cup of decaf vanilla chai, unsweetened, with a little milk (the cinnamon helps with the sweet craving). I also get mini versions of candies like Justin's Peanut Butter cups and Lindt Pralines Minis. So if I don't have enough space in my calories for a proper dessert, I can have one of those with my chai tea and not go over (or if I do it's not by more than maybe 50 calories).

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    My diary is open as well. I only eat 1250 but you can add a lot with the additional 250 calories.
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    I do about 1550 cals a day

    Breakfast is usually
    two eggs
    coffee with almond milk
    8 oz of unsweetened coconut milk

    Lunch is
    2 cups of vegetable soup
    turkey burger without a bun
    1/4 cup of nuts and 1/4 cup of raisins

    Snack is
    Apple or fruit of sorts
    with a 1/4 cup of almonds

    Dinner is
    Tilapia baked in the oven with lemon butter
    mixed vegetable medley (Cooked from frozen) with 1 tsp of butter on it
    Side salad with apple cider vinagraitte

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    I have an open diary as well. My calorie goal is 1200.
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    Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken, black beans, corn, red pepper, avocado and Bolthouse Farms avocado dressing

    Snacks: Apple, carrots and hummus, dill pickles, Fage Greek yogurt or a protein bar of sorts.

    Dinner: This week so far it's been chicken thighs & asparagus, tri tip steak & caesar salad, and salmon with green beans.

    I also have coffee creamer in the morning, and will throw in a piece of toast/rice/potato with my evening meal if I'm still hungry.
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    Can anyone see my diary? I thought it was open.
  • Densans
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    The days where I eat that low it usually contains
    Quark, protein powder with greek yogurt, chicken breast or egg whites and the rest of the calories is usually veggies.
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    I try to eat somewhat low carb, just because I have problems meeting my protein goal.
    I always have 2 eggs for breakfast
    Try to eat some protein and Pictsweet Asparagus or Edamane for lunch
    Will have taco salads a lot for dinner. I also try to eat a couple Avocado's eat week.
    Sometimes I will just snack on the Pictsweet Edamane since it's quick and I like the taste.
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    1500 is a major deficit for me. I mostly eat 1800 a day. Yesterday I was at 1600 because I have something big on Friday I'm saving up for.
    This is what I ate yesterday
    Coffee - 9 calories
    6 eggs - 420
    Cliff bar - 130
    8 oz mahi mahi - 190
    Lettuce - 16
    Blue cheese yogurt dressing - 70
    Golf fish crackers - 280
    8oz chicken - 220
    Ranch yogurt dressing - 45
    Lettuce - 15
    Fish oil supplement - 15
    Pickle - 15
    G2 Gatorade - 60
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    1500 is a major deficit for me (over 1200 cals) but I do it 2x a week before a 16 hour fast, then a refeed day. It is always a smoothie, meat for lunch, oatmeal and lots of vegetables. Basically all filling stuff plus a few protein sources so I don't feel too hungry.
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    Can anyone see my diary? I thought it was open.

    I can see your diary!
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    My goal is 1300-1500 as well. Anyone feel free to add me :) would like more MFP friends.

    Today so far:
    Breakfast egg whites w/ asparagus+Swiss
    Sweet Black coffee
    Lunch: Motzarella+Broccoli sandwich
    Dinner will be Chicken, rice & broccoli rabe

    Have no idea the calorie count but I think I'm under. Still learning this whole thing. Need to buy a good scale.
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    My diary is open and 95% of the days are filled in since Jan 2 of this year. I eat anywhere from 1300-1800 cals per day, depending on working out. 5'7" and currently 160 lbs. I have lost 15 lbs since Jan 2 without feeling much deprivation at all. I recently have been trying to watch my carbs (past two weeks) because I have been having intense sugar cravings, but before that, all I was concerned about was calories.
  • WinoGelato
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    My calorie goal is higher than that before exercise adjustments, but if you take out the "extras" I eat, the meals probably are around 1500 cals. My diary is open. I'm far from a clean eater but my typical day is usually:

    Breakfast (250-400 cals) greek yogurt + coffee + creamer
    OR frozen breakfast sandwich + coffee + creamer

    Lunch (400-600 cals) turkey sandwich plus baked chips
    OR frozen meal + extra protein and/or salad
    OR leftovers from previous nights dinner

    Snack (200 cals) greek yogurt or Kind Bar

    Dinner (600-800 cals) grilled protein + starch (pasta, rice, potatoes) + veggies OR Stirfry OR Pasta dish

    After Dinner (200-500 cals) Some combination of Wine, Dessert, Skinny Popcorn, Hummus w/ Pita Chips, Salami and Cheese...

    I also bookmarked this website from a thread a while back, I'm not usually a proponent of set meal plans, but I thought that this one was good because you can adjust it to 1200 cals, 1500 cals, or 1800 cals and get some different meal ideas.

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    1500 would make me starve, I think the last time I counted up my breakfast it was about 1200 calories.
    Breakfast:1/4 cup raw oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 Tbl. Chia seeds, 1/3 cup mounded over walnuts, 5 strawberries sliced, half banana (was out of blueberries but normally 1/4 cup)
    Snack: Apple & small pack of almonds
    Lunch Chicken salad sandwich, four pineapple chunks
    Dinner: 3 oz Scotch, 1/2 bottle of wine, 12 oz beer. Not sure what food will go with it.

    The crazy part is I will lose weight when I weigh in tomorrow. I have had this all week and lost 2 pounds in three days. I am running 5 miles a day though.
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    laurelh8 wrote: »
    Can anyone see my diary? I thought it was open.

    I can see your diary!

    Good! Feel free to take a look at mine.
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    My diary is open. I vary between 1350-1450 most days. Feel free to add me!