Looking for 30+ year old supportive friends

Back here again


  • dragonfire12601
    dragonfire12601 Posts: 166 Member
    I'm 31 and want to lose another 30lbs. Feel free to add me for motivation and support!
  • ElizaRoche
    ElizaRoche Posts: 2,005 Member
    Hello :)
  • chrissyb1985
    chrissyb1985 Posts: 110 Member
    I am 31. I have lost 13 lbs so far and 50 - 60 more to go. Feel free to add me! Good luck on your journey
  • JuanSLOjourney
    JuanSLOjourney Posts: 62 Member
    You guys are welcome to add me! I am 37 and beginning my journey to be half the man I currently am!
  • goodbyemyfatness
    goodbyemyfatness Posts: 18 Member
    Count me in! Feel free to add me. 30 lbs down and 40 to go!
  • KittiesGoMew
    KittiesGoMew Posts: 23 Member
    Hey there! I'm 36. Currently lost 14lbs with 16 more to go. Feel free to add me :D
  • wtskinner
    wtskinner Posts: 178 Member
    I'm closing in on 44 in 2 weeks, trying to drop about 30 more, drop me a line if you want.
  • gtmama
    gtmama Posts: 10 Member
    I'm 39, lost a total of 40, gained back 10 while not logging. I like checking out others meals and food diaries. My current goal is to loose the 10 I gained back plus an additional 10. So aiming for 20 pounds total. Feel free to add me, anyone-(who's not a creep). Lol.
  • thehoss316
    thehoss316 Posts: 125 Member
    Anyone, please feel free to add me as a friend/resource.
  • rachrach66
    rachrach66 Posts: 271 Member
    I started this 5 years ago initially lost 40 pounds! Gained it back plus another 20! I'm kicking it off for good this time. 32 and open diary let's do this! :DB)
  • TheBadToe
    TheBadToe Posts: 246 Member
    I am 35... next week. You can all add me. My news feed has been pretty dull lately.
  • theresahickman556
    theresahickman556 Posts: 12 Member
    32 feel free to add me for motivation.
  • VegKellyRN
    VegKellyRN Posts: 23 Member
    Add me! I'm 30 and working on prep currently for my wedding/honeymoon and wont be stopping there! :D
  • geraldinemce
    geraldinemce Posts: 13 Member
    feel free to add me I need to loose at least 70lb im 36 with 2 kids, here for support:)
  • Runningforafew
    Runningforafew Posts: 28 Member
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    I'm a 31 year old 3 time marathoner 20+ time half marathoner. I've managed to GAIN 25 pounds in 3 years . I'm ready to get back on the wagon! I eat to much and I know it.
  • tearsz
    tearsz Posts: 383 Member
    Hi there, I'm 31 with about 25 lbs left to go to hit my goal weight feel free to add me anyone. I could use some more motivation
  • lucyandroo
    lucyandroo Posts: 3 Member
    New and starting out here but I am turning 46 really soon and trying to make good life choices in food and friends! You can add me as well!
  • LovelyDenise70
    LovelyDenise70 Posts: 9 Member
    Hi Albronni :)
    Im 45, just starting my journey and my 1st goal is to lose 60 lbs :)
    Feel free to add me, I haven't figured out how to add yet ;)
    Good luck!
  • firecrackrbaby
    firecrackrbaby Posts: 43 Member
    I'm turning 30 in a couple of months. Can I join?
  • Melanie79SO
    Melanie79SO Posts: 63 Member
    I'm 37 and have lost 43lbs. Still have 10lbs to go. Feel free to add me!