I Lost 90lbs !! Pictures!!



  • Adphillips9
    Adphillips9 Posts: 30 Member
    you look great! And thanks for posting all your food pictures! Just goes to show you can eat yummy things and be successful!
  • revolucia78
    revolucia78 Posts: 196 Member
    You look amazing!!
  • Marchmallow
    Marchmallow Posts: 124 Member
    Wow, so inspiring! You look amazing, and the random food snaps look delicious! I have to say though, that you looked beautiful before, too. :)
  • Katiekate64
    Katiekate64 Posts: 30 Member
    You look fantastic, nice work and such an inspiration. You are a beauty!!!
  • RainRedfield
    RainRedfield Posts: 595 Member
    Sensational! I hope I can find as much success as you have.
  • chel325
    chel325 Posts: 199 Member
    You look awesome, how tall are you?

    Me and you started around the same weight, I was 246 and now I'm 155 with 50 pounds more to lose and you look sooooooooooooooooo much better than I do!
  • dariluzagueda23
    dariluzagueda23 Posts: 16 Member
    Thank you everybody:). I'm 5'7. And I didn't have a specific time frame I wanted to hit my goal i just kept on going!! 1300 calories for the days I didn't exercise and 1500 for the days I did exercise.
  • hilarync
    hilarync Posts: 7 Member
    You look stunning! Way to go! <3
  • KerryITD
    KerryITD Posts: 90 Member
    wow, all that hard work really shows! And...can you come cook for me, lol?
  • angie55575
    angie55575 Posts: 90 Member
    Good for you!!! :) You look AMAZING! Congrats!!

    P.S. Your puppies are SO cute :)
  • OopsGrace
    OopsGrace Posts: 12 Member
    Congratulations!! You look happy and healthy! Well done!
  • tdeaux
    tdeaux Posts: 36 Member
    You go girl!!
  • mona52bask
    mona52bask Posts: 42 Member
    You look awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Some days I feel like giving up. Since it seems harder to lose weight when you get to my age. However, after reading your story, I plan to keep going. I will not give up. Thanks again!
  • Syneea
    Syneea Posts: 451 Member
    Aww good job! You look beautiful! Much younger too!
  • WifiresGettingFit
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    Way to go! :)
  • jen_zz
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  • ForMe2No
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    Awesome job! You look great! In that last picture you look a little like Kerry Washington. You have done an amazing job and you should be very proud of yourself. So good that you got yourself on track at an early age...saving yourself a lot. Although it's never too late it is certainly better at a younger age. And yes and your food looks delicious. Mine never looks that tasty. Thanks for sharing!
  • kbatman777
    kbatman777 Posts: 20 Member
    You look healthy and beatiful, GREAT JOB! :)
  • jennyi27
    jennyi27 Posts: 114 Member
    you look awesome! in some of your pictures you remind me of Kerry Washington. :smile:
  • JenPass1977
    JenPass1977 Posts: 89 Member
    Amazing transformation and really inspiring. You look like a great cook too!!