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    I think I agree that a calorie is not just a calorie. Some taste much better than others!
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    [while others are just off base (eat breakfast every day to jump-start your metabolism, eat on a regular schedule, spacing your meals about 3-5 hours apart).

    The 'eat breakfast every day' mantra and 'eat 3-5 hours apart' gibberish is why I gained weight in the first place.
    Discovering Intermittent Fasting (which is really just going back to my natural schedule) has been such a godsend to me, that anyone who spouts the 'breakfast is the most important meal' theory is immediately thrown in the 'doesn't know what they're talking about' group.

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    I used to counsel people on reducing debt, and weight loss / CICO has a good analogy there. The fundamental advice there is spend less than you earn. Then would follow the details of each individual's budget: housing, food, utilities, etc. I'd always advise them to budget something for entertainment or fun, but to service the mandatory spending first. One could similarly state that "a dollar is a dollar" when it comes to debt reduction.

    Now if a person simply looked at umbrella advice - spend less than you earn - and then not actually service their mandatory obligations but spend the majority of their budget on "fun", they would suffer certain consequences even though they had money left over at the end of the month. But if they served their mandatory obligations and kept some aside for "fun", it helped make the whole process more sustainable.

    Similarly, if you spend your caloric budget on "junk food" (however you define that) and don't get adequate nutrition to serve your body's needs, you suffer consequences. That is why the mantra that "calories are for weight loss, macros are for nutrition" are important to understand. The division of macros and micros vary by individual preference and needs, but there are certain minimums that are needed.

    If the OP took CICO to mean an "all junk food" diet was a good idea, she didn't understand the intended advice.