No scale until May 1st!



  • rebeccaahopkins93
    rebeccaahopkins93 Posts: 107 Member
    Today my pants were getting so annoying because they are getting loose. I was so tempted to jump on the scale and see what my progress is but I refrained. A week and a half left until we can weigh ourselves again. But I think after I weigh in on May 1st I'm going to try and go another month.
  • ddadoodle
    ddadoodle Posts: 30 Member
    I'm definitely in! Your post makes so much sense to me Shoebacha1 I'm exactly the same & it really frustrates me
  • bigdogintheyard
    bigdogintheyard Posts: 15 Member
    Late to the party but I'm going to do this. I'm losing weight slower than i was previously, mainly because I'm eating more to support my weight lifting. I really want to stay on this path of building strength and losing slowly but i miss the excitement of big losses on the scale. So I'm in!
  • mrsrichards1kr
    mrsrichards1kr Posts: 13 Member
    I have this same problem...Im in!
  • mumbles2013
    mumbles2013 Posts: 289 Member
    I'm in too
  • ddadoodle
    ddadoodle Posts: 30 Member
    Almost weighed myself yesterday morning ! Didn't realise how much of a habit it had become, luckily stopped myself in time