What was the main thing you did to help you lose the weight?



  • TriMama12
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    In addition to weighing and logging I've learned that *I* cannot eat anything after dinner. I seem to be incapable of just having a reasonable sized snack. One reasonable sized snack always turns into a minor binge that puts me over my calorie limit for that day. So now I just eat dinner and call it a day.
  • IpakDaley
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    Being honest with myself with logging. Keeping my eye on the ball.
  • chimaerandi
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    I just reached my original goal about a week ago (hemming and hawing between going for more or not but whatever)

    besides weighing my food, which has been said many times:

    --weekly deficits/banking for the weekends. This allowed me to be a part of regular life easily, go out with friends, etc, which made this not feel all that painful.
    --Not cutting out foods, which would have made me feel deprived and restricted in a way that doesn't work for me. There's nothing I "can't have" and that's good for me.
    --prepping my lunches especially ahead of time
    --Planning my week as far as indulgences and meals, etc.
  • AndrewLavish
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    Life-long program dieter. No matter how much I exercised, I could never get off of the plateau that I would eventually hit. I found an amazing nutritional system that only helped me reach my goal weight but to help me crush it. And I have maintained for nearly 18 months now!
  • yusaku02
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    Either started running a daily 5k or cut out snacking between meals. I started by doing both at the same time and the first 20lbs flew off.
  • CooCooPuff
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    I took garcinia cambogia, drank nothing but green tea, allowed myself two calories per day, and ate clean. :smile:

    Honestly, I started cooking food I enjoyed, found an exercise program I actually wanted to do, and listened to the basics.
  • Phrick
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    I got a hyperactive thyroid, haha!! I was doing OK with "just" weighing food and logging, exercising, etc - but I won't lie the metabolic skyrocket did me a huge favor in terms of weight loss (I am quite well aware that it brought other not-so-awesome side effects along for the ride though). I often feel like I totally "lucked out" or "cheated" in a way. But at the same time it was tracking and knowing there was no way in hell that my activity level should have me at a 3800+ calorie TDEE that alerted me there was even an issue, and got my doc to take me seriously enough to order the lab work that confirmed it, so that was good.
  • Orphia
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    kgirlhart wrote: »
    I started counting calories and eating at a deficit. I have not restricted anything except calories. I sometimes choose not to eat certain things if the calorie count is too high, but if I really want something I make it fit. I do measure almost all of my food but I also eat out usually once or twice a week and so I have to guesstimate on that. I have also started walking every day. But that is more because I am trying to be more fit and not just lose weight. Eating at a deficit has been the key for me.

    So this.

    With me, walking led to running. Getting to eat back exercise calories helped me not be hangry, plus I fell in love with running.

    I cut back a lot on soft drink, but still allow myself a small coke most weekend days.

    The main things were making room in my calorie limit for the things I love, and eating most of my exercise calories back.

    79 lbs lost in 12 months and reached goal.
  • bpetrosky
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    Consistent, rigorous, and relentless use of a food scale for precise portion planning.
    Picking lower calorie options when eating out.
    Regular therapeutic doses of pizza and ice cream.
  • FindingAmy77
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    Just being aware of what I ate by counting calories and making better food choice and being more active is what helped me lose weight before and this time as well.
  • snowflake930
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    Eating less calories than I burned and logging every single thing I ate and drank.
    BTW, I have been on maintenance for 29 months, it still holds true except I am now eating the same number of calories burned and I still have to log everything. I will not be in the 80% that gains back the weight lost within 5 years.................goal change, but still watching and aware of what I am eating and drinking.
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    jax_006 wrote: »
    What was the main contributor that helped you lose the weight you did? I am looking to readjust things for myself. I would love to hear some insight from the MFP community :) thanks!

    Ate at a deficit.

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!! B)
  • GaryH1989
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    For me it was without a doubt to stop drinking my calories. At my heaviest 348lbs, I used to drink more in calories then I eat now.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    It was eye opening when I started using a food scale. That is the number 1.
    Pick the right entries in the database for foods here.
    Move as much as possible as it helps with the deficit.
  • paulajobelle
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    log daily (to keep me honest), mixing up my exercise routines (to avoid being bored which is the death knell for me), reminding myself of why I am doing this regularly.
  • hypodonthaveme
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    New here, but have lost some in the past few months. Here is what works for me. 1. Prayer 2. Determination 3. Will Power 4. Exercise 5. Stopped using dieting and switched to saying healthy eating ( less restrictive and gives me choices) 6. Support 7. The right dose of medications that I am on. I have lost 1/2 of what I need to. I have gone from Obese on the BMI to overweight. In 15 lbs I will move to just in the normal range.
  • brb_2013
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    SezxyStef wrote: »
    Exercise and reducing simple carbs

    this is not required for weight loss.

    This topic about people's own strategies for success. Maybe it's not required as a rule but it's helped this person stick to their goals and make weight loss happen for them.

    So I say good for you Jeffrey!
  • brb_2013
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    scolaris wrote: »
    Consistency over perfection.

    I gotta say I haven't seen you around in a while and I've missed your posts! You're basically what I hope to grow to, the way you view weight loss and life in general are so refreshing. Glad to see you around again!
  • nuttynanners
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    I started an exercise program that combines strength and cardio. I'm almost 2.5 months in. Only ~2 weeks left. Haven't lost a ton of weight, only around ~10 lbs, but I can tell my body has undergone some recomposition.

    I have found that I thrive on having a routine. And giving up alcohol, for the most part.