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What do you do with salsa?

MissNicolioliMissNicolioli Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
in Recipes
Other than chips?
(Chips... The thorn in my side...)


  • OldHoboOldHobo Member Posts: 647 Member Member Posts: 647 Member
    I put some on hash browns this morning.
    Add to smashed avocado for a simple guacamole.
    Put a bowl of it in the center of the table and spoon over whatever's for dinner.
  • NaturalNancyNaturalNancy Member Posts: 1,099 Member Member Posts: 1,099 Member
    - Eat with scrambled eggs
    - Eat with stir frys (add on top w a little fat free sour cream
    - eat w any kind of chicken
    - Add to cooked beans
    - Add to stuffed peppers
  • corsayre8corsayre8 Member Posts: 570 Member Member Posts: 570 Member
    I make my own mango (or strawberry or pineapple salsa). Put it over spring mix and top with steak, or on a tortilla with a little cheese and chicken breast. Bit are super yummy.

    Recipe : 1 mango, 2 vine ripened tomatoes, 1 small red onion, 1 bunch cilantro, and jalapeños to taste (usually 3-4). Chop it all up, a food processor makes it super easy but not as pretty, (so I usually do the onion, peppers and cilantro in the processor but the mango and fruit by hand). Mix it all together with the juice of 2-4 limes depending on size. Mmmmm.
  • QueenmunchyQueenmunchy Member Posts: 3,380 Member Member Posts: 3,380 Member
    Chicken, salsa in crockpot. Shred and make tacos, on top of rice, mixed with veggies, quesadillas, on salads, etc.
  • bubbajoe1066bubbajoe1066 Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    I love it on salad.... really very low in calories compared to salad dressing... lots of flavor
  • AmazonMayanAmazonMayan Member Posts: 1,168 Member Member Posts: 1,168 Member
    As salad dressing for a (no shell) taco inspired salad - crumble just a couple chips as "croutons" and you still get the salsa chip connection. Use ingredients like crisp lettuce with other greener lettuces and a little corn, beans, meat, squeeze of lime. Leave the cheese off because you really don't taste it anyway. Or mix salsa with cottage cheese as your dressing. I save my cheese calories for when I can really taste and savor the flavor. It takes very little chips when you use it this way so lower calories but you're not missing out on anything.

    Mix a little with laughing cow cheese or nonfat plain greek yogurt for a low calorie spread.

    Make 2 tacos loaded with lean meat and veg then top with salsa. I also dollup some nonfat plain greek yogurt (tons more protein than fat yogurts. I save fat yogurt for sweeter fruity flavors). Tacos can be pretty low calorie and if you toast your own corn tortillas they stay a bit softer and you can really load up some very low calorie ingredients and have a nice sized meal. I toast mine in a hot skillet on both sides then bend it to taco shape while still hot.

    I make my own quick salsa because commercial brands are getting more and more salty. I like to taste the veggies and not just salt lol. Chop a tomato or two, chop a pepper of your heat preference, chop a little onion, only add salt if it needs it. Tomatoes have a naturally salty flavor so some won't need salt at all. Cilantro if you like it. Mix and let sit awhile if you can. Sometimes I bulk up a salsa with some bell pepper or cucumber - cucumber is amazing in it
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,269 Member Member Posts: 39,269 Member
    chips, tacos, on eggs
  • pumpkinRIP02pumpkinRIP02 Member Posts: 131 Member Member Posts: 131 Member
    My dad adds Salsa to plain pasta.
    He adds it on top of Baked Potatoes.
    He even uses it on Hotdogs and burgers!
  • ObsidianMistObsidianMist Member Posts: 519 Member Member Posts: 519 Member
    put it on toast/a sandwich with some cucumber and a fried egg
    or in a wrap

    my boyfriend likes to mix it in with scrambled eggs
    edited May 2016
  • arditarosearditarose Member Posts: 15,610 Member Member Posts: 15,610 Member
    I use it on salads instead of dressing. I also like it with cucumber. Once I mixed it with cottage cheese and made a dip...weird but good.
  • MlleKellyMlleKelly Member Posts: 356 Member Member Posts: 356 Member
    I have a recipe that uses salsa verde in a white bean chicken chili.

    You can do Mexican rice bowls (rice, salsa, beans, avocado, chicken, whatever you like).

    Use it to top a burger, or better yet, mix it in with the meat and grill it up.

    Put it in a tortilla with scrambled eggs and some cheddar cheese for a breakfast burrito.

    Use it as a classic burrito or taco topping.

    Add it to potato or tomato soup to kick it up a notch.
  • MissNicolioliMissNicolioli Member Posts: 34 Member Member Posts: 34 Member
    These all sound really good. Thanks all!

    ^ I love the idea of putting it in a soup.
  • laur357laur357 Member Posts: 896 Member Member Posts: 896 Member
    Top a rice cake with a little cheese and salsa to replace your chips. . .
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Member Posts: 3,064 Member Member Posts: 3,064 Member
    I eat it with eggs, salad dressing, I just made a protein dip by mixing salsa + 0 fat Greek Yogurt + whey protein. I did eat it with (sigh) a single serving of Tostitos. But rice cakes would work as well. I thought about trying it with the sea salt Quest Protein chips.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Member Posts: 3,064 Member Member Posts: 3,064 Member
    OldHobo wrote: »
    I put some on hash browns this morning.
    Add to smashed avocado for a simple guacamole.
    Put a bowl of it in the center of the table and spoon over whatever's for dinner.

    I LOVE salsa on hashbrowns. I ate that every morning I was pregnant with my second child.
  • enterdangerenterdanger Member Posts: 2,445 Member Member Posts: 2,445 Member
    I cook boneless skinless chicken thighs in a cup of it in my crockpot while I'm at work. When I get home I add a cup of frozen corn and a can of black beans until it's all warm and then I eat it on burritos or rice bowls.

    I also like it on salads in place of dressing and on baked potatoes.
  • JustinAnimalJustinAnimal Member Posts: 1,335 Member Member Posts: 1,335 Member
    What DON'T I do with salsa? Actually, items 6-29 on my 50 item list might shock and horrify the vast majority of this forum, so I'll keep the private...
  • RmIIImc70RmIIImc70 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    I dip veggie sticks in salsa. Bell pepper, cukes, celery, carrots, whatever I have. I use a BNTO from Cuppow to bring everything to work for an afternoon snack.
  • tmshank18tmshank18 Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
    I buy Quinoa chips and dip those with salsa...the quinoa chips give you protein.

    When I make taco salad, I mix salsa in with my lean hamburger and use a serving of baked tortilla chips in my
    salad, along with lots of veggies and top it with cheese and salsa.

    Salsa is a great way to given salads flavor without the added calories.
  • blackaheep4288blackaheep4288 Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
    Mix some salsa in with your cottage cheese. Be sure to cut up some veggies and throw in there. I prefer red/yellow peppers with a few carrots thrown in.
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