Favourite exercise



  • kirstinethornburg
    kirstinethornburg Posts: 300 Member
    I like the Seated Ellipitical because it works both arms and legs at the same time. I also like using the weight machines to strength my muscles so my flexibility improves some
  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 6,035 Member
    Swimming, preferably in a lake or the ocean
  • zcb94
    zcb94 Posts: 3,679 Member
    My all-time favorite exercise is horseback riding, because it feels fantastic to gently stretch/move/massage all of the little muscles in my bad back.
  • jpaulie
    jpaulie Posts: 917 Member
    just leg day in general. mostly because when it is done you have 6 days of non leg day
  • PamelaW41
    PamelaW41 Posts: 287 Member
    Outside, riding my bike, bc its fun... Inside the elliptical for cardio, bc its the least boring, for strength, calves, idk why i like doing calves?
  • Jerseyex
    Jerseyex Posts: 3,820 Member
    Leg press and squats
  • eastbayj23
    eastbayj23 Posts: 16 Member
    Jumping rope, Kettlebell swing.
  • MalcolmX1983
    MalcolmX1983 Posts: 214 Member
    Lifting weights doesn't make me sweat much unless I'm hitting my back or legs.
    Sprints don't gas me out as much as boxing.
    It's the only sport that makes me want to vomit at the end of a session.
    I've met so many cool people through boxing.
    It's made me disciplined as well, I'm much better at controlling myself now, even if someone's in my face, I can walk away without some type of ott reaction.

  • cookielover_96
    cookielover_96 Posts: 177 Member
    Leg press...the only heaviest I can do
  • gmhenry2014
    gmhenry2014 Posts: 42 Member
    Deadlifts - anything posterior
  • synchkat
    synchkat Posts: 37,369 Member
    I like stretching is that considered exercise
  • HoolaHoopsMcGee
    HoolaHoopsMcGee Posts: 2,749 Member
    Hoop Dancing!
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    Running up 14,000ft mtns and heavy deads
  • Anaris2014
    Anaris2014 Posts: 138 Member
    Football - whether its the Sunday comp, indoor or just a lunch time kick in the park.
  • HoolaHoopsMcGee
    HoolaHoopsMcGee Posts: 2,749 Member
    2 pages and no one said sex what has happened to chit chat smh

    Sex. Vigorous, sweaty sex. That is my favorite.
  • bigdogintheyard
    bigdogintheyard Posts: 15 Member
    Pallof press - works the core without bending my less than perfect back.