Anyone on slimfast?


  • daisygirl2017
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    I've been debating starting it. Definitely easy for breakfast on go.
  • kirstinethornburg
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    I have done slim fast before and all it accomplished was it made me deathly sick and much fatter then when I started the diet so I quit never to use that method again. If it works for you that is awesome.
  • ralostaz2000
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    I was on Pearl white slimming capsules and did great results and never l carry them over again. ..but tge only problem I noticed after then is having grey hair..can't relate ot 100% but I think it has something to do with it.
    I only carried weight in my pregnancy.
  • IpakDaley
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    I did it about 8 years ago. Drank the shakes, ate very little, and walked a lot. I lost 45 lbs. It wasn't sustainable though. There is not a chance that I'd ever do it that way again since finding MFP. I have enjoyed losing while still eating foods that I like to eat.
  • lisamarie327
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    I like to keep the shakes on hand because they make for a quick breakfast or snack when I'm feeling particularly busy or lazy, same goes for the bars/snacks, but I can't imagine maintaining a diet that primarily consists of those things. no thanks! everything in moderation.
  • kommodevaran
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    Why not eat real food, log it, and hit your calorie goal? Do you need a food diary, food database and calorie calculator to follow a meal replacement diet?
  • AbigailC17
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  • Afura
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    When you say on, do you mean Slimfast everything, or using it as an occasional quick go-to?
  • scorpjabo
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    There are better options to a quick on the go breakfast. Ever try 0 sugar protein shakes? I make mine with cold coffee, grounded up oats with a table spoon of peanut butter and a tsp of cocao powder.
  • alyssa0061
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    scorpjabo wrote: »
    There are better options to a quick on the go breakfast. Ever try 0 sugar protein shakes? I make mine with cold coffee, grounded up oats with a table spoon of peanut butter and a tsp of cocao powder.

    That sounds amazing
  • FitPhillygirl
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    I used to drink one a day for breakfast, but haven't had one in a few years now. They used to taste like chalk so I stopped drinking them in favor of eating food instead.
  • feisty_bucket
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    I had some oral surgery about a decade ago and couldn't eat solid food, so I lived on Slimfast and yogurt for a few weeks. I didn't die (yet), but wouldn't recommend the experience.

    It's pretty much canned milk and a little extra protein, not very exciting. Ensure's about the same. 200 calories, yeah? Nowadays, I'd pick a proteiny bar for meal-replacement; probably more satiating.
  • klund13
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    I used to follow their "plan". I felt like crap. After working out I would feel so sick and dizzy. I recommend eating real food. I am much happier these days and don't feel like passing out after a workout. ;)
  • jandw122912
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    I keep some in the fridge to have as a snack or breakfast if I'm in a hurry... I really like the taste! I wouldn't, however, do the slimfast diet... it's not sustainable long term.
  • Strawblackcat
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    They still make Slimfast? I thought that all the other [better] protein powders and shakes avaliable on the marketplace had run them out of business.
  • charelaine
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    I love slim fast chocolate shake powder. I am not on their plan but I make shakes for breakfast. Sometimes I make it in a blender with a frozen banana and it makes a large thick shake. The powder is 110 calories now. I like the way it tastes and that is the only reason I use it now. When I was a teenager years ago I tried it for weight loss and was not successful. I guess it is to each his own. If you like it, use it. If you don't particularly, there are other ways to have low calorie satisfying meals.
  • Frankilou25
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    I currently done it,loved the taste and lost 7lbs in just over a week which was great. But I was too tired for proper work outs plus after 4 weeks constantly on it I feel really sick in the evening (I have them breakfast and lunch), I don't think the milkyness done me any good. So I will keep them for a once in a while meal replacement if I'm stuck but I can't follow it long term. However if you can then I wish you all the best!
  • markswife1992
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    i was actually thinking about starting that next week. i find their shake to be really yummy, and i add powdered malt to help :smile:
  • brb_2013
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    I love the the taste too, I do not do the "plan". I love that the high protein drinks are ready made, I always have one or two in my care just in case. For example today I wanted an extra coffee but not extra cals and I used the shake as creamer. I just about died and went to heaven, it was perfect!

    Basically it's an easy snack, good protein, tastes good, and nothing beats grab and go for me. I eat good snacks most of the time but these can be little life savers for me :)