Girls in their 20s



  • PatsPrincess07
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    hi i am 21 in 6 days add me if you like. i need to have some support too. i have lost 3 kgs but the weight is not coming off sooner.
  • 27!!! Yall feel free to add me!!! I Want lots of like minded friends as well. My diary is public and im an emotional eater so theres nothing you gotta hide! Ive been through it all!!
  • lagina19871
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    I'm 29 im 5'0 with about 25 pounds to lose and I have a open diary feel free to add me :D
  • krazy1sbk
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    I'm 25, 5'6 - down 14 and now maintaining - open diary please add me :smile: I eat when I'm bored, so you'll see some interesting stuff...
  • sprale
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    I'm 28 and have lost about 75 lbs over the last couple years logging on MFP and hope to lose about 15 more. Feel free to add me!
  • nickie1129
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    I'm 21 and want to lose between 50/60 pounds. I'd love some friends. :) I'm currently eating between 1200/1400 a day.
  • chelseafxx
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    I'm 24 and keep my diary open and just trying to lose a little more bf%. Feel free to add me if you'd like :)
  • EleanorElla24
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  • Shelle33
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    Hi All! I'm 27 and I have about 27 lbs to lose before I reach a healthy weight. However, my UGW is 130. I've lost 10 lbs since March 18! Feel free to add me! :smile:

    SW (March 18, 2016): 186.6
    CW (May 15, 2016): 176.6
    GW1: 149
    UGW: 130