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  • fluorescentdark
    fluorescentdark Posts: 6 Member
    Hey y'all, I was on mfp from my senior year of high school to when I started college, I lost 40 pounds in that time and lost 40 more in two years after quitting. Unfortunately I gained 50 of that back in 2 years after that. I just graduated from college and decided to come back on here and work to lose the weight again. I'd love to connect with people again on here. Feel free to friend me!
    AllSUMLIFE Posts: 27 Member
    Feel free to add me too! :smile:
  • Jedi1989
    Jedi1989 Posts: 22 Member
    Would love some friends, so feel free to add me! :)
  • Pascoe76
    Pascoe76 Posts: 36 Member
    Hey My names Brett I live in Sydney Australia looking for like minded people to push each other to get to our next goals. Sometimes we have a bad day and need someone to kick us in the butt!. I have a Garmin Actisomething and try to do 10,000 steps a day and am currently doing a meal plan I've lost 6kg in 2 weeks. Add me let's help each other
  • Phoenix_2015
    Phoenix_2015 Posts: 499 Member
    After taking a short break, I am back to it, log in daily, workout daily and track my food sometimes...goal is to lose 41 pounds...I always welcome awesome new friends! :smile:
  • namlaloca1
    namlaloca1 Posts: 26 Member
    Hey all. South Cali here. Giving my fitnesspal anot her shot. Completely determined to shed these pounds. Nice to have active friends and motivational support. Feel free to add me! :)
    DOWORKSON1976 Posts: 33 Member
    Hey Add me!!!
  • dixpixie
    dixpixie Posts: 3 Member
    I am new here and would definitely like some friends to motivate me and help one another. :-)
  • JeepinJenni
    JeepinJenni Posts: 6 Member
    I would love more friends!
    MRbigGUYXXL Posts: 119 Member
    i could use some more peeps
  • Cambria76
    Cambria76 Posts: 248 Member
    Looking for some new friends...I don't care where you are from. Only thing I ask is that you aren't on here looking for a hook up, you actually are into fitness and you have to have a sense of humor! I am active every day on here and post. I take my health and fitness very seriously but I also post more than fitness you have to be okay with that. If you want to be my friend please make sure to write me something in your friend request. Not into friend collectors either.
  • yetieddie
    yetieddie Posts: 28 Member
    I am joining back after a long absence. Could use the support this place offers. Happy dad and husband to 9 kids. Need a sanity partner! Thanks ...
  • Shantelsjourney
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  • cat2tat
    cat2tat Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I am starting over again. I would like to encourage others and help myself stay positive. I am 67 years old and determined to eat healthy.
  • mrsstutzman23
    mrsstutzman23 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Everyone! I am new to MFP. Two weeks in and I LOVE this app. Feel free to add me. :)
    GPSHEALTHCOACHING Posts: 497 Member
    I'm happy to have more friends so feel free to add me.

    I'm a newly certified personal trainer but now studying to be a health coach. Yet, I'm 90 pounds overweight. Ironic, I know. But as I learn more through my studies, I post and share the info! And I've begun to apply this knowledge on ME and I'm finally breaking through some mental blocks that have led me to be overweight!
  • izbugz
    izbugz Posts: 35 Member
    I could do with some friends to help me stay on track!
  • _treehugger74
    _treehugger74 Posts: 23 Member
    Yes please! :)
  • lisamschinella
    lisamschinella Posts: 37 Member
    Yes please
  • seeirialshrink
    seeirialshrink Posts: 13 Member
    Would love active friends, especially if you use Fitbit! :blush: