June walking challenge



  • Methynks
    Methynks Posts: 32 Member
    edited May 2016
    I am in! Did something similar in May and plan on keeping it up :smiley: I am still a huge fan of my fitbit (Alta) and will try and get 10k in daily

  • lexbubbles
    lexbubbles Posts: 465 Member
    Count me in! My personal goal is 14,000 steps a day (98,000) and at least 7 miles, increasing (aiming for 52 miles this week, 54 next week, then 56 etc etc)

    Logged 115,326 steps last week. Tracking with my fitbit :)
  • lexbubbles
    lexbubbles Posts: 465 Member
    I am SO in!

    Anyone with a fitbit can add me ([email protected])
    I need that extra push of seeing others getting their steps in so I can be motivated. I've been in a funk.

    Yes fitbit folk can add me as well https://www.fitbit.com/user/4MJPZK
  • cmludd
    cmludd Posts: 5 Member
    I'm in!!
  • mandijlee
    mandijlee Posts: 13 Member
    This sounds good!
  • Bulletproof_Helen
    Bulletproof_Helen Posts: 209 Member
    https://www.fitbit.com/user/2FR296 feel free to add me (walkers only, runners are too fit for me lol)
  • jewings23
    jewings23 Posts: 5 Member
    I am In for this
  • FitPhillygirl
    FitPhillygirl Posts: 7,124 Member
    In for the steps! :)
  • yayaohiggins
    yayaohiggins Posts: 48 Member
    I'm in even though I'm going on vacation for a week. I plan on staying active!
  • nurseytess
    nurseytess Posts: 9 Member
    I'd love to join this challenge! I track using a fitbit charge, and average about 5-6k a day. I'm a hospice nurse, so lots of driving from visit to visit, but now that the weather is nice I'm committed to walking around the block before each patient visit!
  • fcs2011
    fcs2011 Posts: 2 Member
    Just logged in after being off for almost a year. I am in:)
  • cloverluv
    cloverluv Posts: 413 Member
    I am most definitely in on this one! I really need to meet my steps!
  • Bulletproof_Helen
    Bulletproof_Helen Posts: 209 Member
    I started this morning 5km walk before work where I will be sitting till my breaks, I plan to pop to the shop in one break and take my dog out for another walk later, so far I am on 7,268, my goal is to get above 10.000 steps which is challenging with my sedentary job lol Good luck everybody! :)
  • slimmingqueen33
    slimmingqueen33 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi there
    Just back to myfitnesspal after a spell away, so this sounds like a great challenge to begin with - count me in xx
  • lexbubbles
    lexbubbles Posts: 465 Member
    I have to walk about 4 miles today as a matter of course, and will be on the treadmill at the gym walking uphill for 45 mins so should get 10,000 steps in that way, but will add some extra walking in (perhaps taking the long route) to get to my 14,000 goal.
  • jobrading
    jobrading Posts: 1 Member
    Okay I'm in, just started the Paleo diet due to health reasons, so a little bit if exercise will help too. :smiley:
  • tland73
    tland73 Posts: 8 Member
    Count me in!! I usually get my 10,000 steps in during the work week but the weekends can be kind of tough so I need this motivation!!
  • oneespanola
    oneespanola Posts: 14 Member
    ok, looks like I'm the first one to check-in with my steps for today - I have 6035 (10710 yesterday) so not quite the start I was after, but tomorrow is another day! Anyone else checking in?
  • nurseytess
    nurseytess Posts: 9 Member
    Woke up this morning and consider rolling over and going back to sleep and then remember this challenge and hauled my butt out of bed to go for a walk before work I've got about 8000 steps so far and 7 hours left in my day so I will definitely hit the 10000 target woohoo