One year later and 53 lbs down...with pics

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Hello! I wish I had a heart-gripping inspirational story to share or some revealing secret I could pass on to you. I don't. I'm just a woman who wanted to lose weight, get back to running and feel better about herself. I lost those 53 lbs slowly and through perseverance. I didn't let setbacks or stalls stop me (and believe me, there were plenty of those). I just kept going and chipped away at at the old, tired me to reveal a new, active me. Am I done? I have no idea. I'll be done when my body settles at a weight based on how I'm LIVING (not dieting)! Anyway, I started to enjoy more success when I stopped focusing on the number on my scale and started focusing on kicking *kitten*. Thanks for celebrating with me! FYI: the pictures go in chronological order from March, 2015 to present.