Women with 50-100+ lbs to lose?!



  • MandyW0778
    MandyW0778 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in your boat, too...

    SW: 272
    CW: 268
    GW: 190
  • brina3409
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    Hi everyone! I am also looking to lose 50+ pounds and would love to have some friends on here to go down this road with. Feel free to add me!
  • kallowat88
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    All feel free to Add me! Starting again and need friends and motivation!
    Initial: 265
    CW: 233
    Goal: 160
  • OriginalPegs
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    CW: 271.6
    GW: 160
    UGW: 140 (or however I look after I put on some muscle!)

    Feel free to add me!! :)
  • accioavocado
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    heyy my
    SW 280
    CW 217
    UGW 130
    I was at 180 but gained back from depression. Anyone add meeee too!
  • musicalityrnb
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    Hi everyone, please add me too!

    SW: 270
    CW: 232.1
    GW: 160 (Depends on my BF as I approach my goal weight)
  • Misstare
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    Please feel free to add me.
    SW 241
    CW 239
    GW 140-150

    My weight gain has postponed my hip replacement surgery. My first goal loss is 20 pounds.

    I am 52 and a Type 2 Diabetic. My GP has advised me to follow a low GI diet, which hopefully will jump start my metabolism.

    Would love to have new supportive friends.
  • KiraAnnMarie
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    Add me! I'm 230, I'm looking to loose 65lbs! We got this!
  • msadamsr
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    This is the group I need to be in! Everyone feel free to add me; I'd love to go through this with ladies who have similar goals and amounts to lose as me!

    SW: 228
    CW: 219
    GW: 155
  • shelbyschen
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    I'll join you!

    Currently at 200, looking to lose 50-70 pounds!
  • tsaxspike
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    Hey everyone! I am looking to lose about 80 pounds and this isn't my first go at tracking. I've recently begun treatment for PCOS, which should help, but would love some support(and vice versa)!
  • ShrinkinMel
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    tryett wrote: »
    Akgramma wrote: »
    @ShrinkinMel - what is PCSO?

    Poly cystic ovary syndrome ( it was formally called Stein Levanthal).

    I have it also, along with Insulin resistance and low vitamin d.

    I am 57 and looking to lose between 80-100pounds. Fell free to add me.

    Yep. Low Vitamin D here too. And added anemia now, from mild to moderate anemia, after being put on Metformin so I have a goal to get off that completely by the end of the year. Maybe sooner. I reduced my dosage to half so I just take my night dose. My fasting is still improving. I'll get my labs done but at home it's improving greatly with the exercise and slow steady losses I've been having helping a lot I'm sure. I do know exercise helps with insulin quite a bit.

    I take my metformin(and also a beta blocker for bp and to keep my heartrate from going over 100-120 at rest) vitamin D, iron, b complex and calcium magnesium supplements. Along with currently a cod liver oil supplement. Oh and my darn daily zyrtec allergy pill. My season is year round. LOL But most of the year it's not pollen or whatever unknown outdoor causes, I have 2 cats one of them spends a lot of time in my bedroom. If I don't let her in she claws the carpet at the door. Getting rid of them is not an option for me. ;) Love cats. I don't mind taking supplements but sure would be nice to not need them I just hate taking meds but would be happy to get rid of the two prescription ones and just have allergy pill and supplements.
  • Maria_Fatima
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    A friend of mine has PCOS. I myself have polycystic ovaries. I'll add you people
  • Panda_Poptarts
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    Highest known weight: 334
    Current weight: 249
    Goal weight: 160-180
  • crawfishgirl333
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    SW 191
    CW 185
    GW 160 or lower lol
    I stayed off scale for too long now that I'm on mfp I watch everything I eat and weigh often. I cut out sodas around Easter time now I've push away white rice some NO BREAD!!! But I'm not giving up my coffee.
  • Maria_Fatima
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    Highest known weight: 334
    Current weight: 249
    Goal weight: 160-180
    Haha that 80 more xD
    Hi new friend
  • alainna2012
    alainna2012 Posts: 19 Member
    Started at 172
    Current 160
    Want to lose 30 more
    Add me
  • catrell23
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    I'm looking to lose 55 pounds

    Please feel free to add me :)
  • LivviLosing
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    Hi, please add me, especially if you have a fitbit. I'm trying to get back on track after losing 45 lbs and gaining back 20.

    SW 275
    LW 230
    CW 250
    GW 200