Fat is fuelling my weight loss!

Oh my goodness stepped on the scale this morning and I'm in the 14's! It seems a long while since I was 18st 4lb at the start of 2015! Over 3 stone lost and can't believe how much I've learned this pass year! I kicked things off by doing the slimming world plan, I lost a stone but then as I learned about sugar and how harmful it was I left slimming world and tried things on my own - I tried being a veggie then a vegan (didn't suit me as was allergic to soy :/) I'd lost amother stone by doing these but as soon as I began eating my usual diet of majority carbs/some protein and little bit of fat, I started gaining again :( when back upto 16st 3lb - that was about 8 weeks ago - then I stumbled across LCHF ( low carbon high (healthy) fat) it's honestly changed my life, because of my rich diet I naturally eat less and stay full for much longer (some days I'm not hungry at breakfast and will just go till lunch and have 2 meals in the day, never thought that would be possible!) It to me about a week to 'fat adapt' and move from a sugar (carb) burner to being able to access my fat stores (which are plentiful, hehe) so by keeping my insulin levels low and stable it aloes all this to happen, and hopefully less chance of developing diabetes like so many people in my family ... it's a great start so will keep going while feeling this good :)

I hope this can help, I've added a few new things to my diet like daily bone broth, fresh lemon water, and fermented foods like sauerkraut to heal by tummy from years if sugar munching - I think this has helped a massive amount too :) don't mind chatting more about this if your interested.



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    Well done! My daughter got me started here and it has helped to note all I eat. Weight loss is slow and it's a change to add more fat to each meal. I wonder about saturated fat in dairy, bacon, etc. I eat more avocado, almonds, olives, salmon, . What else is good for fat total? Reading measurements in stones reminds me of living in Australia years ago plus time in London, two visits. Cheers,
    Santa Barbara
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    2/3 of the people in this country are obese and heading for or already have diabetes and not because they are eating healthy and exercising. They are consuming too many fruits, sugar and carbs period. When you convert over to fat burning, you become a well oiled machine with a reduction in weight and chronic health conditions. Don't let anyone tell you differently! I have lost 116 lbs eating keto and obviously gained muscle in the process. Most of my bariatric patients are able to get completely off meds with LCHF and/or Keto.
    Eating too much fruit does not cause obesity. Eating too much food does. The only way to "convert" to fat burning is through a calorie deficit. Keto has a dismal success rate due to the difficulty in adherence, and because many of those doing it think calories don't count. Most successful weight loss people do it through sensible eating and carefully monitoring their calories.

    All weight loss attempts (including simply counting calories) have a dismal success rate to to difficulty in adherence. What is difficult to one person may be easy for another. I'm glad when people find what works for them, even if it isn't what works for me.

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    Excellent OP--you're doing great!!!

    I agree, sugar is not a food and doesn't help our bodies in any way at all.

    Happy you have found a WOE that works for you. Thanks for sharing.
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    I recently began feeling hungry all the time, then realized I stopped eating Kind bars and wasn't getting the fat from the nuts to keep me feeling full. Almonds fixed that, so, yeah, fat calories are our friends in many ways.

    I'm glad you found something that works!
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    OP, I’m glad you found success with your new WOE. Because I have insulin resistance, I need to be on a low carb diet/high fat diet until I resolve my metabolic disorder. If you have diabetes in your family, as I do, you chose the best eating plan for yourself. I agree the lack of hunger on this diet is an added plus; it really has made the weight loss process so much easier.

    However, I don’t think tummies really need healing? At least I never had to heal my tummy.
    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll get there!
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    I eat a ton of healthy fats everyday
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    My diary is open too

    My diary is open and I eat same foods everyday and always full and very satisfied
    Basically it's all whole foods nothing processed no chemicals or additives
    So simple ingredients in every meal:
    Avocados (2-3 a day!)
    Tons of vegetables (80% plant based)
    Fish eggs and sometimes grilled chicken breast but I plan to go back to vegetarian next week
    No sugar no dairy and no gluten ever
    Once in while quinoa
    But mostly high vegetables and fat and lean protien limited carbs
    Feel free to add me