Do you log the small nibbles you take in your MFP diary?



  • Annahbananas
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    Yup. Everything
  • frankiesgirlie
    frankiesgirlie Posts: 668 Member
    If it has 1 or more calories, I log it. I don't really understand people who don't log everything. Your body knows what went in. Plus, you have incomplete, inaccurate data.

    If I wanted guess work as to what I'm eating and calories I'm ingesting, I wouldn't be on MFP at all.

    But then I'm a numbers geek too.
  • louann_jude
    louann_jude Posts: 307 Member
    I don't often nibble through the day but there are times I need to when I am cooking and take a taste here or there. I will often log it as 1.25 or 1.5 servings. I would rather over estimate and lose then under and gain.
  • xCyanideGirlx
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    It depends. I had one cherry today as a nibble and didnt log it, because its like max 5 calories and therefore not worth logging. Anything with 50+ calories i log
  • kshama2001
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    edited July 2016
    I don't often nibble through the day but there are times I need to when I am cooking and take a taste here or there. I will often log it as 1.25 or 1.5 servings. I would rather over estimate and lose then under and gain.

    Ya, when I'm cooking I'll pad the serving to account for the tastings. Other than that, I generally weigh and log everything. Exceptions are very low calorie foods like mustard and small amounts of herbs.
  • Lucky7z
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    I do!! I try to account for everything I eat lol
  • rankinsect
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    I do. Although often, I do things like tasting things I'm cooking, in which case I just figure the calories will be accounted for since I'm the only one eating the final product anyway.

    I sometimes snack on things like cereal after dinner, but there, I just weigh out a portion of cereal that I pre-logged and then I can nibble on that portion as fast or as slowly as I want over the evening.
  • SweetPeasMom55
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    Yep I log
  • apullum
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    Yes, I measure and log everything, or if I can't measure it, I estimate high. As you lose weight, your body needs fewer calories just to carry out basic metabolic functions, which makes it even more important to measure and log carefully in order to maintain a caloric deficit.
  • exmsde
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    Yes. Sometimes I bundle though. Example, I find that one small date will substitute for a craving for sweets. So usually if it is just one date I don't log right there and then, I do a calorie add at some point. But if I eat a whole serving of dates then I do a full log entry. Usually though that nibble happens only once or twice per day, so I'm exposed by ~50 calories if I forget to log. And since I'm usually a little under anyway that means its a wash. Also, if I start to get sloppy then I get pickier about logging until I'm back on track.
  • arditarose
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    No. But I'm also not being successful at losing weight. Go me. If you don't have much wiggle room, log your bites people.
  • BiggDaddy58
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    No..I try and over estimate the calories during the day by a bit..I also lift light weights..2 sets in the a.m. and 2 sets in the p.m. I don't log those calories burnt..which allows me a lil wiggle room.

    If you're trying for'll be off by a bit as it is..both in calories and calories burned..don't fret it..unless it's a medical condition, you're an athlete in training and have to make're obsessed with accuracy. Or you are trying to lose weight and aren't for some reason..then those "nibbles" might actually add up to a serving or more during the day.

  • JeromeBarry1
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    Yes. Yesterday I stirred a pot of sloppy joe mix and licked the fork, only after I had calculated that my prior burger had been logged as more calories than I actually ate. I lost 0.2 lb from Monday morning to Tuesday morning.
  • _piaffe
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    BLTs - bites, licks and tastes - add up for me. I'm a grazer. If it's loggable (eg a few peanut m&ms), I log. I won't necessarily weigh it out, however.
  • vixtris
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    If I'm being really strict, yes... it really depends on how big of a nibble, really lol. If its just 1 chip or 2 then no.
  • michelleepotter
    michelleepotter Posts: 800 Member
    I don't, but for me they are few and far between. I'm not going to gain over one single mini marshmallow over the course of a week. But if I was taking an M&M every time -- or every other time -- I gave one to my toddler (like a previous poster), I would definitely log that.
  • evilish
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    I don't log coffee or nibbles or even samples given away. However, I'm not trying to lose. If I were, I'd log as much as possible.
  • jenerek_md
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    I always log, but I just do a quick add and overestimate if anything but don't drive myself crazy scanning or looking for that food
  • Zella_11
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    Yes--I log everything--even a bite or nibble. Every calorie counts!
  • Gisel2015
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    Just like @Anniebotnen said:

    Nope, I don't but I don't nibble much or too frequent either. If try something while I am cooking, I don't log it; I get a small cracker when I get a glass of water, I don't log it. I do log my afternoon snacks and my meals, but that is more food and calories. I have been maintaining for almost 6 years, so all is good.