If you could have given the younger you advice...



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    I'm seriously loving all of these :)

    But I'm now wondering if our younger selves would have actually listened lol

    Hells NO!!! LOL
    My friends mom had a poster on her fridge attention teenagers! NOW is the time for action!! Leave home and pay your own way while you still know everything!!....she sent a copy home with me one day lol
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    Do not use food to self medicate.
    Get help for emotional and mental issues.
    Stop caring about what people think.
    Stand up for yourself.
    Get out of JW.
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    I think I would just tell myself, " I love you and be easy on yourself"
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    "Ladies love a man who eats it from behind."
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    am i the only one who gets more confused as time moves forward

    i think i had about everything figured out as a kid

    lost a bit of it by the time i was a teenager/early twenties

    now i'm like wandering around the desert exiled from my homeland

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    The exact advice you have given yourself. Don't get serious so young and ruin your best years ha settle down in your 30s!
    Also stop putting everyone else first and say no more
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    Put the vodka back
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    You're beautiful.
    Stop starving yourself.
    Stop measuring your worth by outside standards.
    Don't date him.
    Stay in school.
    Enjoy being a teenager. It's gone way quicker than you realize.
    Go to the college you dreamed of going to. Become a music journalist.
    Stop being your brothers (and his friends) caretaker. He has parents.
    Do. Not. Date. Him.
    Live a life that you won't regret everything. Regrets kill your spirit.
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    Get your bipolar diagnosed earlier, don't waste your teenage years enslaved to it
    Don't major in journalism, in fact skip college till you're older
    Don't date guys named Tim
    Don't stress-eat, I know Haagen Dazs is delicious but 50 pounds ain't worth it
    Advocate for yourself more
    And kiss David. Don't wait 10 years
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    I would smack the bejesus out of my former self for thinking about dating my ex. Don't do it man!!!
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    You have quite the wild ride ahead of you and things turn out pretty amazing --All the hard work and determination pays off and is so worth it, thanks younger self...you had my back all along xo
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    You cannot control others thoughts or perceptions of yourself but you can control how they make you feel. You can choose to feel defeated or ugly whenever someone has a harsh word for you or calls you a name. Or you can choose hold you head up high and tell yourself that you are beautiful and amazing.

    Oh and to watch out for the pothole on the soccer field, its is a career ender..
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    If you want a lasting relationship get a feedee.
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    Listen to your heart and body build to reach your dream.
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    Dear 18-Year-Old Zoe,
    Good grades are nothing compared to good health! Please eat right and work out as much as you can. I know it's hard to stay fit in a wheelchair but you can do it! For goodness sakes, stretch and take some pressure off your tail every now and then! You won't fail those finals if you take a quick break from studying, just to fidget a bit. If anything, you'll do better since you won't have to risk your life and take two whole gap years to heal! I have to go to bed but I leave you with one final word of encouragement: trust your Higher Power! Treat yourself like the princess you are. He loves you and will help you with whatever you need. With His support, you can conquer that test anxiety!
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    Alcohol has calories.
    Don't give four years to a guy who makes you feel like you're not good enough.
    You'll never wear those 4" stilettos. None of them.
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    Know your worth. You are worth so much more than those losers that you give your time to. You can be just as lonely with someone laying beside you. Just because someone will have sex with you doesn't mean they will love you.

    Spend more time with your Daddy. Your parents are human too they make mistakes just like you do. They have hopes, dreams and fears. Just because they are your parents doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Just because they totally mess up doesn't mean they don't love you. I promise if you don't you will regret it.