So what is it that some succeed and others fail?

I have been reading success stories and it's inspiring. Some tried for decades and never succeeded, and suddenly they do. So what is it? I remember Oprah saying, 'it's making that decision', others say, 'motivation', other say, 'having a buddy', others say, 'when your life is at risk'. I believe it's different with everybody, but maybe it's 'how desperate you are.' What makes people not give up? Hope to hear from you.


  • nowolga
    nowolga Posts: 91 Member
    Successful people fail.
    The difference is they never quit.
    You can take away all the wealth of a successful person and place then in a foreign country but in time they will build that wealth up again.
    Success is something that starts within.
    It can't be taken away.
    It isn't shaken or moved by its surroundings.
    Don't be like the millions of people that say
    "Yeah I always wanted to be _______ I tried it but it didn't work because it's just not for me..."
    Successful people fail
    But they Don't stay there.
    they get keep getting themselves up and keep moving forward despite the taunts and negativity around them.
    You may not have the skills, knowledge or great genetics as other people.
    But with consistant hard work and determination you can be on a level playing field and
    Nothing can stop you reaching your goal!

    Never quit
    Never surrender
    Never say die

    I love this response.
  • Dove0804
    Dove0804 Posts: 213 Member
    Oh gosh, I don't think there's a simple answer to this. There's so many factors contributing, some more than others based on the individual, and what works for one person might have the opposite effect for the other.
    I will say, however, that I strongly believe that losing weight is 100% about breaking through mental barriers than it is physical feasibility.
    I spend a lot of time thinking about another, related question- of those who are successful, why is it so few are able to actually maintain? What is the difference between those who gain weight back and those who stay at their goal weight for years and years?
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