ISO: Ladies in their 20s-30s with 100lbs to lose! Let's be friends!



  • fattyclatter
    fattyclatter Posts: 28 Member
    I'm 29 and I have about 200lbs to lose to get to my personal goal weight. I'll be 30 next March and I'd love to celebrate it feeling comfortable in my body, so it'd be great to have some women in a similar situation for mutual support, so anyone's welcome to add me.
  • artslady96
    artslady96 Posts: 132 Member
    Hello, ladies. I currently have a hundred forty pounds to lose. I've used my fitness pal on and off for the past several years. I've had success, but then I lose motivation. Would love to have accountability partners. I do the best I can, and I do use nutritional shakes to help me keep on track since I have a lot of weight to lose and sometimes get too obsessed and anxious about creating a meal plan, which I have little time to do now that I have a 17 month old daughter. I actually plan to switch to a vegan shake once I finish the current shapes that I have. Feel free to add me provided your won't lecture me about the shakes.
  • tensleysiham
    tensleysiham Posts: 9 Member
    Hi guys i have a 160 lbs pounds to lose, and i went vegan, because i wanna lose the weight and get healthy too.
  • NewMrsCarlson
    NewMrsCarlson Posts: 24 Member
    Hello girls! I have about 186 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight of 160, so I am right there with ya! I started using MFP back in 2012 and never really dug in and committed, however at this point I am heavier than I have ever been and I won't be around long to be able to see my brothers and sister grow up :neutral: So, I would love the accountability! Motivation, accountability, is so important to me. I can't always tell myself no to that "one bite won't hurt, or one more extra piece won't kill me" :) Feel free to add me, any and all of you!
  • Suz_8589
    Suz_8589 Posts: 146 Member
    Hey everyone! I've been back for a week or so and would love to have accountability friends on here. I lost 90 lbs in about two years from 2012 to 2014 but sense I have gained about 35ish back. So I now have a little over 100 to lose. Add me if you'd like!
  • xcga33i
    xcga33i Posts: 26 Member
    I used mfp a few years ago and did well, plus i was learning to run with c25k....i loved it and lost about 40# but i hurt my foot and it got really hot so i started to slid but i have kept 15# off but the rest has found me....but i am back and determined to lose it for good this time. I am 37 and have pcos but luckily i do have my 2 boys but they each gave me 20# with each 20# with marriage and college. Those 20# add up quickly.
    My re-sw: 265.6 cw: 264 i dont have a goal weight...240 is were i normally get stuck but 220 is the lowest i have been since 2002.
    I would love new friends on here and fitbit. My fitbit email is [email protected]
  • xcga33i
    xcga33i Posts: 26 Member
    Sorry my fitbit acct is [email protected] if anyone wants to be friends on fitbit.
  • MaybeLed
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    I'm about to hit my 30's next March, realised I'd spent a whole decade obese :scream:

    I've got approx 103 to go having started this last April (as I had to wait till I'd eaten all my birthday cake and chocolate!)
  • newereveryday
    newereveryday Posts: 222 Member
    Turning 29 this weekend with about 130 to lose! I'd love more friends along this journey!
  • kmcnutt2543
    kmcnutt2543 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm 35 and want to lose 75 lbs. Looking for friends. :)
  • jazzyjdnp
    jazzyjdnp Posts: 5 Member
    I'll be 27 later this year (Dec), and would like to lose at least 40lbs by then!
  • audri8390
    audri8390 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi I'm 26 and have about 120lbs to lose. I have lost around 27lbs so far. Having friends along the journey makes it a little bit easier. I'm working on losing weight not only to be healthier but also I'm a nurse so I'm on my feet for hours weighing less would definitely help out. Plus my husband and I would like to start a family eventually so I want to get down to a healthy weight to get pregnant.
  • Captain1118
    Captain1118 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm 28 and soon to be 29 and with a thyroid problem which is cause me to want lose . I would love some friends to help motivate me and give some help in return.
  • K_Anness17
    K_Anness17 Posts: 18 Member
    I do not have 100lbs to lose, but I do have 60-70lbs to get rid of. I am 30, and its not as easy as it was 10 years ago to lose. Would love an accountability partner! Add me if you like
  • FeijaFleur
    FeijaFleur Posts: 39 Member
    I've just turned 27 and would like to join in as well. Since I started back up seriously in April I have lost almost 40lbs but I have another +/- 60 to go to reach my goal...
  • becca_rup23
    becca_rup23 Posts: 395 Member
    23 and also trying to hit 100! I've already lost about 50 :) feel free to add me!
  • momma712
    momma712 Posts: 79 Member
    Hey guys I have fallen off the wagon majorly I have about 130 lbs to lose it seems so daunting but I would love people who are in the same boat as accountability buddies! Feel free to message or friend request me
  • Starshine86
    Starshine86 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi guys, I'm 29, turning 30 in December and I'd like to be able to really celebrate it by feeling more myself. I have about 120lb to lose in total. About 6 years ago I managed to lose 140lb, but over the next few years I put most of it back on again. I need to get off this merry-go-round and I'm hoping that getting in touch with others trying to do the same will really help. Feel free to message or friend me.
  • fletchleg13
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    Heya lovelies, I'm re starting this journey, a few years back using jillian Michaels dvds and mfp I lost close to 100lbs. Then new relationship, depression, new job got in the way and I slowly gained it all back.

    Trying to get back down to my smallest weight of around 225-235lbs and maintain/gain or lose as I see fit when I get there. Im gonna need all the support I can get doing this a second time over and balancing full time work and a relationship (last time I was unemployed and had no social life). Oh and I'm 27 and 5'11 for anyone who's into numbers. Feel free to drop me a request
  • ahende3
    ahende3 Posts: 46 Member
    26 with 90lbs left to lose! Add me :)