Reasons for starting the weight loss journey



  • ksz1104
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    I started because I honestly don't like myself. Not just physically (though that was a good part of it), I just felt crappy all around. Depressed, anxious, very overweight. I've lost 30 lbs in the last 7 months, could I do better? yeah. Am I happy with that number? Absolutely. In these 30 lbs I've learned to like myself a little more and I haven't been as depressed (this stint I've been in and out of the last two weeks not included) either. Is it hard? yes. Am I going to give up? No. I might fall off and be a little slow to get back up but I keep pushing. Slow progress, is better than no progress and it's more about loving myself and bettering myself than losing the weight.

    30 lbs is great progress!!
  • kristysaurus
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    After recovering from an eating disorder (anorexia) I gained a lot of weight and sort of flew on the other side of things (binge eating) and didn't really learn how to eat properly in recovery (just more, really). That plus going to university led me to a 160lb weight gain from my lowest weight. I tired every gimmick and fad diet in an attempt to lose weight. I was miserable, didn't want to do anything, hated my appearance, would avoid things that would put me in front of others or would potentially lead to judgement about my appearance. I knew my well-being was suffering from years of yo-yoing and an unhealthy relationship with food

    Joined a program at a a fantastic local gym and here I am 9 mos later and even though my weight loss is slow and steady I'm able to focus on other fitness goals and not get caught up in what the scale says.
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    LynnBBQ72 wrote: »
    My initial reason was pure rage - my cousin posts absolutely every detail of her life on Facebook, but she had weight loss surgery about 3 months ago and never mentioned anything about it. She only told her parents and my mom, because my mom watched her kid while she was in the hospital. My mom told me about it, and I thought... ok, that's her decision. But now my cousin is posting all this stuff about her losing 50 + pounds, needing new clothes, how happy she is, etc. When people ask how she did it, she told them it was all hard work - diet and exercise. NO MENTION OF THE SURGERY! She outright lied about it and I got so angry I decided to prove people could lose weight without surgery. All of her friends are overweight and she lied to them!

    Now, only 11 days into the diet / exercise routine, I feel so much better that I don't need the anger to keep me on my goals. I know there will be days that I just want to eat junk and lay around, so I will probably have to revisit the anger at some point. But I won't let it be the only thing that drives me.

    My (no longer) friend did that. Except she has used her so called success to sell certain wraps that really don't work.
  • kprimaverab
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    1. To prove to myself that I can do it
    2. Avoid health issues in the future
    3. To start my 20s off healthy and happy
    4. To be a role model for my future children and my younger sister
    5. To be the best I can be for my lover
  • IpakDaley
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    I hated the way I felt and looked at my heaviest. I refused to buy larger clothes again. My dad and oldest brother have had heart attacks. I wanted to improve my chances of avoiding that. It has been worth every bit of work to get back down to where I want to be.
  • rainbowtiedye
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    My husband wanted to join the National Guard, but was over the weight limit. So, we worked as a team and 3.5 months he lost over 40 pounds, passed his medical exam, was sworn into the Guard, and he leaves for Basic Training in October. We both worked to change our lifestyle to incorporate exercise, portion control, and living healthy. I'm so proud that he decided he wanted to join the National Guard, and didn't let anything get in his way. It was intense motivation for him, and his motivation motivated me.
  • joans1976
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    My dad. I take after him genetically in so many ways (more so than my mother) and definitely in where we hold our weight, body shape and eating habits. He had a big liver cancer scare in November 2015. It turned out to be fatty liver disease due to his obesity. Also, clogged arteries, pre-diabetic, joint pain and chronic back pain that he is on a slew of medications for. My dad is an amazing, loving, supportive father. I don't want to lose him earlier than I should because of his eating habits.
    I have chronic back pain and want to someday have none. I want to be healthy inside and out. I became obese at the same stage of life my dad did, I'm just trying to prevent what I have control over.

    Good luck everyone with your journeys!
  • malibu927
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    To avoid the health issues my parents have dealt with since their early 40s (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc...I'll be 35 next month and want to stick around!)
  • EternalSnow627
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    1. To be healthier
    2. To not be obese anymore (as I am now)
    3. Have better confidence
    4. Not afraid of camera (hate looking at myself for how I am)
    5. Able to buy cute clothes that I like and not just pick whatever fits.
  • PKM0515
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    What's your reason(s) for starting to lose weight?

    That's easy for anyone to answer.

    For me...

    First reason - I had gotten overweight for a few years in my 40's and wanted to reverse that.
    Second reason - my cholesterol numbers had risen and required statins to lower them (l'm off the meds now as losing the weight took care of it).
    Third reason - less weight means less of me to carry around (up hills, up the stairs, on the bike).

    End result: back to my healthy weight that I was before I got off track for a few years in my 40's.


    You look fantastic and very healthy! (I think you just became my role model.)
  • IllustratedxGirl
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    Tired of losing and gaining 20-40 lbs over and over and over. Can't tell you how many times I've lost 20 lbs. Hoping this time will be the last time!

    I get so into things (including diet and exercise) that I become obsessive. It leads to whatever I'm doing consuming my life until I'm exhausted and burnt out, which the leads to me doing the exact opposite and gaining all of the weight back. I'm trying to take it slow and not get too obsessive about it.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    I started the weight loss journey at midnight of January 1, 2000. As a youngster some decades before, I contemplated the year 2000 and decided that I would not live that long. It seems that I spent the next several dozen years perfectly willing to die of any reason because some reason was going to kill me by 2000. As December 31, 1999 drew to a close, I weighed far north of 300 lb and wore pants with a waist size of 56 inches. While smooching with my wife at the stroke of midnight I experienced this thought: "I'm alive. I have the genetics to live to 100. I will live like I intend to." It's possible that half my total weight loss occurred in the year 2000 as my worst eating habits were eliminated. I do not know what I weighed on January 1, 2000. I do know that in that year I lost a lot of weight and 10 inches in my pants. Myfitnesspal, has taught me how to lose more. With 66 lb off this year, I've only reduced 6 inches from my pants.
  • themakeupbelle
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    Hated how I looked trying to stop any health issues that will come in the future
  • 1shedev
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    borderline obesity
  • Amazon_Who
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    I lost 25 years ago to get down to 270 and hovered within 5 pounds of that. Despite health issues I just couldn't get motived enough to do more than maintain that loss. Early this year I started suffering from excruciating sciatica. I have a bad disc in my lower and my doctor said losing weight was essential.

    I had a Reshape gastric balloon "installed" April 28th and have made it my job to make it successful. I am down 33 pounds so far.
  • SingingSingleTracker
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    Tired of losing and gaining 20-40 lbs over and over and over. Can't tell you how many times I've lost 20 lbs. Hoping this time will be the last time!

    I get so into things (including diet and exercise) that I become obsessive. It leads to whatever I'm doing consuming my life until I'm exhausted and burnt out, which the leads to me doing the exact opposite and gaining all of the weight back. I'm trying to take it slow and not get too obsessive about it.

    All the best at "normalizing" a lifestyle change that you can endure in your daily routine that avoids burn out, and exhaustion.
  • fatgiraffe2
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    My main reason was because I had a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit anymore and I missed wearing my favourite outfits. Seeing it all there reminded me of the size I was when I met my partner. Although I don't want to be that weight again because I didn't look healthy, it made me realise how much I'd gained. Now I'd like to be somewhere in the middle of then and now, so far so good :)