Height & Weight Combo = ? Dress Size



  • paulaviki
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    I'm 5'5" and currently 182lbs and wear a UK size 16 (US 12 or 14?). I'm starting to get into a size 14 but don't feel quite there yet!
  • blossomingbutterfly
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    I think this entirely depends on frame size and body too... I am currently 5"6, 246lbs, in size 17. HOWEVER, when I was gaining weight, I wore a size 16 up to 260lbs. And the 16s are too tight right now. A few of my friends on here are same height/weight as me and one is in a size 14 right now, and one is in a 16, and one is in a 17 like me. So it depends.
  • Lounmoun
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    SW- 179 lbs, height 5'4", waist 40.5", hips 40", chest about 44"
    Starting U.S. clothing size- XL and XXL (16/18 I think) tops/dresses, size M or 10 pants with a stretchy waist
    CW- 158.5 lbs, waist 35.75", hips 37.5", chest about 43"
    Current U.S. clothing size- L to XL tops/dresses, wearing same M/10 pants with stretchy waist

    I look at clothing size charts of the brands I usually buy. I don't expect my hips, thighs, calves to get much smaller as they are pretty much at my goal clothing size. I do expect my waist and chest to probably get smaller. It'll probably be 10-15 more pounds before I'm buying pants without a stretchy waist. I think I'll end up with a size M top at 125lbs because that is what I used to wear... Maybe a size S.
  • DebzNuDa
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    I'm 5'6". 122.4 pounds. US size 3-4. (Small frame)
  • sweetsidney1017
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    I'm a young adult at 5'9" and have worn a size 18-20 in everything while in the 275-285lb range. I was down to a size 14-16 while weighing about 260lbs. I'm hour glass with large boobs. And the sizes are all US. Hope this helps. Seeing everyone size to height and weight always confused me since I was always so heavy for my size.
  • Sued0nim
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    Sued0nim wrote: »
    I'm 5'8, 160lb and a UK 10-12 (US 6-8) - at maintenance
    ...I'm large framed according to wrist / forearm measurements and tend to be hourglass although much less pronounced now

    At 215lbs I was a large UK 16 (US 12)

    Same height, same weight ..16 months later I'm more of a UK 8-10 (US 4-6) ...my jeans, cos they're from GAP are size 4 skinnies

    Odd isn't it
  • tlflag1620
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    I'm 5'7" 143 lbs, currently size 6/8 depending on brand (US sizes)

    When I was around 155 lbs (plus or minus 5 lbs) I wore a size 10
    When I was around 170 lbs (plus or minus 5 lbs) I wore a 12
    When I was 180-190 lbs I wore a 14

    Obviously there was some variation depending on brand/style, and I often found myself "between" sizes, which always sucks, lol.
  • JustMissTracy
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    47 years young today...5'2..in maintenance at 121, but could gain back a pound or two happily :) In Canada, I'm a size 4-6, usually small - medium.
  • geneticsteacher
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    Sizing is so weird. 5'6", 139 lbs.

    Size Large in Ibex, New York Laundry yoga pants, and most other brands of casual pants
    Size 12 in Ex Officio hiking pants
    Size 10 in Levis
    Size 8 in Lee Jeans (vanity sizing for sure - I haven't worn an 8 since 1972)

    Dresses, no idea. Haven't worn one in years.
  • smiles4jo
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    Right now, I'm 5'6" and 165 lbs and wearing a fairly consistent size 10, sometimes a 12.

    However, I'm currently wearing the same clothes as I was the last time I was at my goal weight (145 lbs). Which means that I'm now 20 lbs heavier, but wearing the same size. I hadn't realized that your body composition could change as you gained/lost weight.

    For reference sake, when I started, I weighed 215 and was fooling myself into wearing a 16, but probably should have been wearing an 18.
  • brooke88z
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    I'm 5'9", 176 lbs. and wear a size 14. My jeans are starting to feel roomier, but still at a 14.
  • SophieSmall95
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    I think body proportions and genetics plays a large role in your dress size, as people have different body shapes as their genes determine where they store fat.

    I'm 4'9 and 107lbs at the moment. My dress size averages as a Uk size 8 (US size 4) whereas my skirt size averages at UK size 6 (US 2), but pants can be 8-10 (US 4-6). This is because despite being short and slim I have relative to my size larger breasts and thighs but a very small waist (size 6's are usually too big n the waist but too small everywhere else.

    This is why I never use clothes sizes to determine a good weight. I hear some people saying things like anything over a size UK 12 (US 8) is fat, when I know some very slim size 12s they're just really rather tall or may have large breasts or hips.

    And that is without even taking into account the ridiculous variation between the same size of clothe sin different stores and even within the same store. I've sometimes had size 10s be too small and size 6s be too big all while at the same weight. It's maddening.
  • LadyZahra
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    I'm currently 165lbs and 5'5" and wear a size 10. I usually wear a size small or medium top.
  • AshleighAnn72
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    Height - 5'7
    Weight - 14.11 stone
    Size - UK 16.
    Goal - 10 stone uk size 10 (which I was before)
  • mlinci
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    I'm 1m 66cm, or 5'5 and a bit. When I started here at 84kg (185 lbs) I was a UK size 16, now I am at about 68kg (about 150lbs) and I'm mostly a UK size 12, but I can fit in some size 10 clothes as well. I have a very hourglass figure, so often a size 10 will be a better fit for my waist, but the size 12 will be a better fit for my hips.
  • sarahlifts
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    NJbabe wrote: »
    It's nice to be able to think: "when I lose approximately X lbs., I'm going to be able to fit into Z size." It's a good way to get that extra motivation. ;)

    this will not work for you.

    Its about measurements and composition.

    I'm gonna give you a crazy #, ready?

    138-141 fluctuation
    size US 2
    31 inch bust
    24 inch waist
    36.5 hips

    my size 4 are falling off

    Most people my height and weight will be a size 6. I have a different body composition than most women. I'm around 19% body fat.
  • Mrsmonas
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    5'6 hourglass, 150 lbs and wear a size 6-8 US.

    At 180 I wore size 14

    170 was a tight 12

    160 was an 8-10
  • Mommato5b1g
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    5'4" , 130 pounds, medium frame. I wear a US size 4/6 depending on brand.
  • SCoil123
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    Height 5' 7.5" age 36
    Heaviest 223lb, size 14 pant, size 12/14 dress, L shirt
    Joined MFP 184lbs, size 10 pant, size 8/10 dress, L shirt
    Current 173lbs, size 10 pant, size 8/10 dress, M shirt
    Goal (get back to previous results)
    150-160lbs, pant size 8, dress size 6, shirt M
  • minniestar55
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    5'6", 130lbs (9 stone 4 lbs); American, live in UK. Clothing sizes are a mess here, never the same from store to store. So wear anything from size 16 UK(I know, should hang off me!) to size 10 UK. Fave jeans are skinny size 12 UK from Dorothy Perkins. UK sizes are 1-2 sizes larger than US sizes, so size 12 UK would be size 8-10 in US.