No idea how to eat

Okay so I'm new to nutrition...
I dont even know where to start.
What are you eating?
Any helpful tips or suggestions (I know everyone is different but a start is a start right?)

Thank you guys!


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    Set appropriate calorie goals.
    Set micro and macronutritional goals.

    Choose foods that you like to eat that fit these goals, provide satiety, promote adherence and maximise if you do wish athletic performance.

    Tailor your intake as you progress.
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    If you are completely lost as to the basics of a well-rounded diet, I think that is a good starting place.
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    @playswithsqurriels ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ All those good folk above nailed it.
    Especially @kommodevaran in stating that where you are right now is your Starting/Reference point that you need to baseline and then move forward to where you want to be. This is a science experiment and you are the subject of the study - establish your existing baseline of dietary consumption/caloric expenditure and move forward from that point.

    With only 11 post it tells me you are new to MFP.
    Welcome to MFP and the Forums.

    I recommend some good reads for you to start this journey as my "incredibly generic advice" when someone is new to MFP. Yes I have "spammed" this same write up to other MFP Newbies.


    At the Top of most Forums you will see a Discussion with the Words Announcement underneath them. As an example go into the General Diet and Weight Loss Forum.

    You will see Announcement Posts ( Closed ) and a list of additional posts by members. If you open the Announcement Post you will see a list of Links to posts that are a great source of information.

    Of all the "Stickied" Posts these are some of the ones that I keep referring back to all the time.

    A 4 part Blog about the power of habits.

    I recommend the link below to Logging Accurately as it has been one I constantly refer back to.

    Picking an item from the Food Database can be a challenge due to the huge number of Multiple entries with similar names.
    Some of the Key things I look for is USDA in the name/description as this indicates that the person who entered it used the USDA Food search web site as a source. I will compare the MFP Nutrition Data to the USDA Data. If you look at the nutrition data and see multiple users have confirmed it then it's probably a good choice.

    These are just a few of the many great posts that have been so helpful.
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    Thanks everyone for replying!
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    High carb low fat vegan. It's been a literal life saver!
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    Juliet's links cover everything I might say!
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    I'm eating whatever is around, just making sure I stick to my calories. The nutrition comes after. Once the nutrition comes to mind, try mixing some of that with what your already eating, trimming some of it little by little. Don't be discouraged with baby steps.
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    Go to to get your macros and then go to and plug in your macros and it will generate a meal plan that fits! :)
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    So much good advice here to start where you are. You may pick one meal to make over at a time. For instance, you may come up with two or three breakfasts you like and then you cycle through them.

    I learned to plate my dinner like the ChooseMyPlate. I'd pick my protein then my sides to go with. Brightly coloured vegetables (orange and green) are full of micronutrients.

    If I pick a lower calorie lunch it will be a soup or salad with a side.

    Make this an adventure.