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    Fitbit fan since 2012. I still have the Fitbit Ultra, which I don't think Is sold anymore. Basically a Fitbit One(just tracks steps )Still works 4 years later.

    I wear my Fitbit Blaze watch while not at work. The steps are not quite as accurate as the ones you just clip on to your pocket , but the resting heart rate is spot on (I've compared it go heart rate monitor you strap to your chest )
    The exercise heart rate is way too low. Usually off 15 to 20mpm during intense work outs.

    As for why you might need 24 hour heart rate info? People like me that have anxiety. I can observe what sets off my stress so I know to avoid those things and take a minute to calm down. Best purchase ive made because of that alone. If you email them and ask for a 25 percent off coupon they'll usually give you one.

    My ex gf even had a fitbit one break on her and they sent her a new one even though it was out of warranty by years. They didn't ask questions, no proof of receipt, no nothing. Their customer service is pretty too notch.

    They wouldn't replace mine, and it was two weeks out of the one-year warranty. Apparently their customer service has decided not to be as accommodating as they once were were.
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    Stay away from Vivofit 2 with HR if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, it says it is compatible, but will not pair with it through bluetooth. I wish I knew of that issue before I bought one. The only problem I have with my Fitbit Flex is that I have purchased 3 chargers in 2 years (no watch on that one though)

    Thanks for the warning. I wanted to get one since it is waterproof, but I have an S6.