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    I occasionally binge eat and am literally the same as you, think about food 24/7. Add me! Im interested in sharing and hearing stories and tips on this.. in need of help myself
  • I have the same problem. It really makes it difficult to enjoy the moment your in when food is constantly on your mind. My fittness pal can def become an unhealthy upssession that can contribute to eating disorders for some people. I have chronic gi issues so I track to make sure im getting in enough calories. So it is a blessing and a curse for me.
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    I was a binge eater for a long time. I don't do it anymore though and now I'm helping others do the same. I started a video series where I'll be talking about binge eating and giving insights and tips to stop doing it. I posted the first one yesterday, it's my story in a nutshell. If you're interested in checking it out, the link is
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    @Kir122 Thanks for sharing your video! I'm excited to see the next one. I too have gone back and forth with binge eating as an adult, and even though I've gone 9 months without binging now, and I'm doing all of these healthy things- therapy and yoga and tapping- to try to keep it under control, I am still nervous that it's something that could rear it's ugly head at any time. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!
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    Try to remind myself everyday Eat to live... NOT Live to eat...been up and down my whole life, lost 70 lbs 4 years ago...gained 30 back now being 50 years old it sucks trying to get the metabolism started again. Plus everything in body aches a lot more than I did when I was 46. I also try to make sure now I only keep food in the house that are healthier options, but l also do not want go cold turkey either I give myself cheat days and that seems to make the days, weeks and months go faster not always thinking about food. Good luck to all.
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    This was an amazing post....all of you. I've been struggling horribly lately. I really needed to read all of this please any or all of you please friend request me I need support and I want to be supportive to all of you.
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    @sadinplaid Thanks! I'm glad you're into it :blush: That's so great you're keeping it under control and taking part in healthy activities. If you're not feeling the urge to binge anymore, or it's a quiet whisper, you should be ok. I sure it hope stays silent for you!
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    Please add me. I have struggled on and off since the age of 9, & I'm in my mid 40s now. I am 1st-gen American, came from a very passive, almost reclusive immigrant family & was taught that wasting food was immoral. After all these years I have come to find that it is absolutely NOT about the food---I have binged on both healthy & processed food, so I respectfully disagree that focusing on food you like can prevent a binge. I have had success so far in reflecting what event/s in my past triggered this coping mechanism. Still a work in progress

    Exactly. Some of the food I've binged on is pretty healthful....hummus....GF pretzels....half of the vegetable drawer. Doesn't matter. I'm still sick to death afterward, and that behavior paves the way for the next binge which could be potato chips. It's the behavior.

    Just what I suspected - "healthy" = "boring". Then the binging on junk starts. I rest my case :/
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    @Muchabibi I actually decided last year that I had to do something. The binging was out of control. I'd gained 30 pounds in a very short time - mostly from candy bars and french fries. the cycle of shame and guilt of hiding it (as much as you can hide 30 pounds - ha ha) from my family was becoming too much. So I searched around on (not sure if it's everywhere, but it lets you put in your zip code and read about the specialties of different therapists in your area), and eventually I came across a woman who had listed eating disorders and body dysmorphia in the list of things she specialized in, and I called her. We've been meeting once a month ever since, and she's become a real ally. She was the one that introduced me to the idea of tapping. She gave me a lot of materials to read, and we've really dug in during some of our sessions, exploring why I binge. Like I told @Kir122 I'm still nervous it might be there, even as long as it's been since I've had an episode. I've gone through other times in my life where I thought I beat it, but now I take more of an approach of it might always be there, so I'm going to stay aware of triggers. We recently found out that my dad has lung cancer, and I found myself wondering around the cafeteria at my job thinking about what I could get, when it hit me - I'd just had lunch. I was looking to fill an emotional void - not a physical one. So I went back to my desk, and I was ok. 9 months ago, I would've ordered the fries and maybe the chicken tenders or a wrap and maybe a king size kitkat, I would've eaten it all despite having already had lunch, and I would've "come to" an hour or so later really hating myself - it feels like coming out of a daze, right? I'm happy this thread was started. It's definitely feels very isolating when it happens, but we're clearly not alone.
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    @sadinplaid yes, it's getting to be where I will need counseling of some sort, though my husband (who pays our med insurance) is not too hot on the idea of therapists. I am not entirely comfortable with in-person OA meetings in my small town & surrounding area, because the few active OA chapters are very Christian-based.
    You & I have something in common---my dad also had lung cancer. I was 13 & my bingeing got worse after that. I'm happy also that I fell into this thread. We are certainly not alone. Love to you my new friend <3<3
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    Can I join in? I struggle with binge eating as well - recently, I've been better with it but I still have days that get out of control.

    I have a 10 year history of eating disorders and think I developed the binge eating disorder from trying too hard to recover too quickly and not on my own terms. I had both anorexia and bulimia (the usual kind... and exercise-bulimia) and at time was desperate to be "normal," so I got used to ignoring the ED voices... but never dealt with them and also never developed a normal sense of hunger/eating habits.

    At risk of triggering anyone with an active ED, I found some inspiration and help in reading "Safety in Numbers" by Brittany Burgunder. She went from anorexia to binge eating disorder and I found parts of her journey relatable especially in regards to the thoughts that occur before, during, and after a binge episode.
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    i have binge problem and think about food 24/7 too....I will prepare lots of more than 3big bowls of noodle,rice,chips..whatever i can find at home.sometimes i finish them all..sometimes..i just sit there to struggle..but no one understand me..I m so frustrated...
    And wwhen I binge,recording the calories make it 10times worse....
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    Binge eater needing help too :( add me
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    I used to but I don't any longer. I don't think about food anymore than anything else. I am happy for you or anyone else to add me.

    I remember when people used to say this to me about no longer having a ed, I thought 'yeah right'. It took almost 10 years to beat it but I could have done it in a few days if I had been ready. Trust me when I say it's doable but you have to be ready to trust in process.
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    I definitely fall into this category. I have binge episodes mostly related to emotional eating- sometimes stress but more so for comfort. It's a sick cycle though when you binge eat to comfort yourself and part of the reason your sad/upset is due to being overweight. The logical part of my brain just hasn't been able to override the emotional, habitual part of turning to food for comfort. I keep on trying. It's all we can do. Feel free to add me! I could use some more friends here on MFP.
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    I definitely fall into this category. The only good news is as I have been working on it I actually find it harder and harder to eat the amounts I used to eat, but there are still some foods that I can do an easy 5000+ calories on.
    I have actually had days where I went and walked miles and only ate once just to eat in large quantities and still meet a calorie goal. I am getting better, but there are times when my willpower goes on holiday and my brain just goes haywire.
    That binge never actually makes me feel better. I truly do feel like crap after it, but somehow in my head it is equated with pleasure.
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    Dont be so hard on yourself, we all overeat sometimes its only human in a world that is so cruel
    message me if you need someone to talk too :)
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    @makingmark I know exactly how you feel. Where you say your brain goes haywire- I used to equate it to feeling like blacking out- like coming to and realizing I ate the family size box of velveeta Mac and cheese by myself.